Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Midweek Inspiration: ASOS Model Stephen James

Want to get a cool and casual menswear style like heavily-tattooed British model Stephen James? With a body of steel and face of an angel, most of us would find it hard to emulate such a feat.

24-year-old Stephen who goes by the nickname of Elijah is signed with Elite Model Spain and Wilhemina Models NY.

Unlike the David Gandy types, Stephen's boyish looks are a perfect contrast to his extremely muscular body. Not only is he a good fit for streets-wear and sports-fashion brands such as Topshop and adidas, we see great potential for him in high-fashion campaigns such as Givenchy or hitting the runway for Versace. Stephen has recently scored an advertising campaign for CK One perfume.

Whatever the case is, he won't be selling stuffy, boring Dunhill or Ermenegildo Zegna suits any time soon.

Here's Stephen modelling for ASOS.

He's in a striped vest with a cute contrasting red fabric pocket.
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Get the look: Our number one style tip here is the contrast of skin colours. If you aren't heavily inked, go for a white tank top if you have darker skin colour and a black top if you have a lighter skin tone.

Behind the scenes, modelling at ASOS Studio. 

The model wears wayfarers with a matching moschino sweater top and joggers clearly inspired by a motorcycle race tracksuit.
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Get the look: The sweatshirt and sweatpants combo never looked so good. The key to balancing multiple prints is the control of colours. In this case, it's all American red white and blue logos on a black based outfit.

A clothing capsule collection by Stephen James for GFN (Good For Nothing) Clothing.

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Stephen's simple but understated stylish collaboration with GFN features a monarch butterfly and botanical prints in rose and tropical hibiscus.

Get the look: Don't be afraid of trying out floral prints for menswear. They look just as great in casual round-neck T-shirts as they do in formal menswear shirts.

Image source:, @whoiselijah

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Celebrity Coachella 2015 Style Guide

It's Day 3 and Weekend 1 of Coachella and here's a run-down of the best and worst celebrity styles.

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Pretty Duff Boring: Hilary Duff looks boring in a striped white muscle top and blue denim shorts. It must be incredibly hard for her trying to blend in with the white-top wearing, denim toting music and arts festival crowd.

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Bella Thorne wears ankle cowboy boots, aviators and a simple all-white ensemble which was way too boring. Sometimes it makes us think that in most people's minds there comes a time when it's too difficult to decide what to wear, why not just wear the same as everyone else.

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Kate Bosworth looks more formal than festival in a plain white shift dress and elegant white studded clutch. The only saving grace was her bohemian Etro lace and beaded tribal jacket from the Spring Summer 2015 collection.

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Behati Prinsloo wears a strange fish scale design corset over a see-through top. Despite layering, her outfit was bland as she trooped around with her equally boring black and white dressed friends.

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Probably the most exciting thing Behati has done at Coachella is pouring away some Heineken beer. Because beer = calories.

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Kendall Jenner, Fergie and Hailey Baldwin hold hands together at Coachella. Kendall chose the wrong outfit which made her thighs and hips look wider than they really are. Fergie dressed head to toe in black which was boring. Even the Giuseppe Zanotti studded, over-the-knee fringe boots could not save her inappropriate funeral ensemble. Hailey Baldwin chose and unflattering paisley print handkerchief crop top which was boxy and unflattering for her squarish face and squarish, tomboy figure. Wrapping a denim jacket around her waist did not help as it further obscured her waist and curves.

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Rihanna looks likes she works the back streets of Bronx in New York with a cheap-looking faux fur coat spray painted purple and pink rain-boots.

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Gigi Hadid wears a simple blue knitwear crop-top with chunky silver accessories and a cute striped shorts barefoot at the poolside party of H&M Love Coachella event.

This barefoot beauty wins the top spot for best-dressed especially so with her free-spirited look.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Racism in Fashion: Hailey Baldwin for L'Officiel

Hot on the heels of Kylie Jenner's black face photo shoot which drew plenty of controversy for the right reasons, comes Hailey Baldwin's squinty, slitty-eyed oriental girl look. 

Racism knows no boundaries if fashion continues to be dominated by the predominantly old white supremacists of the fashion world in the west. (E.g Such as Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld infamous for putting as few black or coloured models on his runway or commercials.)

The Problem with Kylie Jenner's Black Face Photo Shoot
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Image source: Kylie Jenner's Instagram account

While some may argue that Kylie Jenner's black face is not as bad as Zwarte Piet's as she looks more like a alien or specially edited fashion model, there is no doubt that a person of non-white descent has had their face painted black. All the sparklies on her face, colorful highlights on her hair and artistic angles cannot tear her away from the fact that she is trying to mimic a black person.

One may ask why the photographer and stylist who were part of producing these photos why they did not look for a black or mixed-race model instead.

Hailey Baldwin's Racist Cover for L'Officiel Nederlands April - May 2015 issue
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Image source:

Why did Hailey Baldwin agree to have her eye powdered over white, eye-liner drawn over the top lid only with pink eye-shadow on her eyelids to look like a stereotypical China doll.

Wouldn't famous models like Liu Wen, Sun Fei Fei or Dun Juan do the job just as well without the unnecessary make-up to exaggerate her features to resemble a certain ethnicity?

While some might cast this incident as purely artistic or for fashion, it is a clearly insensitive, racist attempt to degrade Chinese people. 

L'Officiel is an ancient, archaic, backwards French fashion magazine published in Paris since 1921. How fresh would their recommended styles and fashion be if they are still so backwards and entrenched in racism?

We wonder if it still targets upper-income, educated women with such demeaning editorials. Not to mention the coincidence of the Dutch editorial team, Zwart Piet and French people being inherently racist.

As such, we are calling out to all Asian and coloured fashionistas to rise up against the stereotypes, it's time to fight against all this discrimination because it's simply not right.

Either by boycotting brands and magazines that do not feature a balanced ratio of racial types or starting out on your own to create your very own fashion network by sharing all your pictures online.

Send us some of your pictures and when we can feature you in our favourite reader style section.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fashion Editorial: Winter Vibes in Paris

Throwback to when we were in Paris, bumbling around the streets on an off-day in Winter. When it comes to Paris, who can forget the iconic metro subway system, endless tunnels with talented buskers, centuries-old architecture alongside graffiti and modern-day advertising - paper posters. 

Fashion is about self-expression and capturing those moments in terms of facial expressions stemming from feelings of the environment surrounding the shoot was key to each picture.


- Jyun

(Note: We do not endorse any of the products or brands below)

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Boots: 10 Crosby Derek Lam

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Men's spotted cap: Acne Studios

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Black long-sleeve T-shirt: JDC Italy

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White rabbit-fur jacket with Navajo beaded detail: Antik Batik

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Sparkly eye make-up: Urban Decay

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Bleached distressed jeans: Bershka

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2015 Runway Review

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Dries Van Noten's Spring Summer 2015 runway collection was inspired by a Midsummer's night dream in the form of phantasmagorical bohemian love affair.

Mr Van Noten painted rainbows on silk-mix pants, jacquard jackets, silk chiffon vests and dresses. To match the wild floral, sunshine and sunflower prints, antelope fur was used on all accessories including casual sandals.

Skinny strip bandeaus in silk jacquard prints were worn inside and outside sheer chiffon blouses.

Endless stripes were layered in a smattering of broad and narrow strokes and gradient rainbow colours.

The only pity is that some pants had terribly boxy and unflattering cuts. Some printed blouses were in really dull colours that could only be saved by mixing and matching it with more vibrant pieces.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Flap Bag

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We are usually not fans of Chanel. However, the Spring Summer 2015 pre-collection pieces such as the Cigaline coat in multi-color braid, cotton and tweed dress in lovely pastels have won our hearts over. Lindsey Wixon is pictured above in the hand-made hippie ensemble looking effortlessly chic in bright spring colors.

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Our midweek madness handbag obsession has to be this jersey flap bag in the iconic Celine trapeze bag style trio color delight. The quilted hand-stitching appears more prominent due to the bright yellow, green, red colors and faded, rugged material.

We hope Chanel will continue to create more of such youthful and pretty pieces for future collections.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chloe Spring Summer 2015 Runway Mustard Blouse

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In today's edition of Luxury for Less, we bring you Chloe's Spring Summer 2015 runway collection mustard ruffle sleeve blouse with exaggerated gathers around the sleeve and bust-line for that beautifully, romantic bohemian look we absolutely love. The runway styling of this elegant top with a burnt orange high-waist shorts and lace-up, cut-out boots in pink is just absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking.

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The Chloe mustard flounce sleeve blouse retails at Neiman Marcus for USD$1995.

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We spotted this Zara version for less than USD$50. Although it's made of polyester farbric instead of silk and has simple sleeves, we got to love the ample ruffles and gathers and of course not to mention the accessible price.

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Bonus style tip-off: It's available in white too if you would like to take it to work!

Style Buy or Style Steal?

Would you purchase the original Chloe version or settle for a good deal?