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Fall 2017's iconic over-the-knee boots

We are falling red hotover in love for Fall 2017's iconic red over-the-knee boots. Here's why.
Fall's favourite boots come in the form of red over-the-knee boots hot off Fendi's runway in the style of hybrid sock boots and Balenciaga's nylon and spandex "Knife" boots.
From designer to high-street, we examine the best thigh grazing boots to keep out the winter chill and turn up the heat wherever you go.

All you need to know about Fall 2017 's favourite boots
History of boots and its evolution
The earliest discovery of boots was a cave painting in Spain dated between 12,000 and 15,000 B.C.E. (Before Common Era).
"In the ancient world, boots represented ruling power and military might. Emperors and kings wore ornate and colorful examples; this was a significant distinction when the majority of the population went barefoot. Leather was expensive, and Roman emperors were cited as wearing colorful jewelled and embroidered examples - even with gold soles.&quo…

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