Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashion Editorial: The Great Britain

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Throwback to a short stay in London. Union Jack pillows anyone?  I much prefer the ridiculously large armchair that makes me look skinnier.

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What is a trip in London without taking the infamous Tube or Underground.

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The Gherkin, a tall erect structure I wouldn't say of majestic beauty but yea by all means check it out... and the Cornish pasty, bacon roll cart just around the corner.

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The streets of London are surprisingly cleaner than Singapore's. Walking past the brick-lined streets, one can't help but feel at home in London.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014: Harleth Kuusik and Nastya Sten Fashion Editorial

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Oyster magazine's "Doll Parts" fashion editorial featuring upcoming models Harleth Kuusik and Nastya Sten, two beautiful models in a delightfully fragile pose is our inspiration for Earth Day 2014.

The earth is a beautiful yet fragile place which we all must continue to play a part in and treat it with care.

Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Here are some tips on how to save our earth the fashionable way.

1) Don't just throw away your unwanted fashion items. Donate them to charity like the Salvation Army, give it away or sell it online if it's still worth something.

2) Instead of buying new clothing, shoes or accessories on a whim, think twice before purchasing something unless you really need it. Is this going to be something you would be wearing every other day or just another item collecting dust in your cupboard?

3) Be creative and recycle your fashion junk! Give your old and tired clothing a new lease of life with DIY bleaching of jeans, studding or ripping for that punk look. Sick of wearing that same old boring mid-length skirt or maxi dress? Alter it to a mini length and watch them transform into weekend style staples.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wildfox Couture Rainbow Knitwear Jumper

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British TV personality Denise Van Outen is nearing forty and looks fabulous in a rainbow print knitwear jumper by Wildfox Couture, a popular favourite of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Rosie Huntingtin-Whiteley and more.

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Denise matches her rainbow top with red kitten heel suede booties, blue cuffed shorts and a bright blue suede leather handbag. What an inspiration to chase the Monday Blues away.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Celeb Style: Kate Bosworth's Coachella Lookbook

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As If Looking Immaculately Chic wasn't enough, Hollywood style icon Kate Bosworth took down last weekend's Coachella style scene with her seemingly effortlessly put-together look which was in fact well thought off and put together. Less isn't always more for Kate Bosworth as she dethroned all the rest of the hippie bikini, fringe, bralette and skimpy shorts wearing Coachella goers.

We have decoded Kate Bosworth's Coachella 2014 lookbook into 4 simple tricks.

1) Skinny top knot bun hairdo
Coachella is an event to let your hair down to but Kate prefers to be different and smart in the hot desert weather by tying up her thin and shiny locks into a top knot bun.

2) Classic black aviators
Hippie round sixties inspired sunglasses were everywhere to be seen in shiny reflective colours for the lenses. Kate prefers to keep it cool and classy in black aviators that one can never go wrong in.

3) Peek-a-Boo dress with belly-button revealing keyhole
Instead of prancing around in bikinis, crop-tops, skimpy shorts or that tired old maxi dress like everyone else did at Coachella, Kate prefers to wear a light floral print cotton dress with a strategic cut-out at the belly-button, just enough to show her toned abs and petite frame.

4) Black patent platform sandals
The key to any music festival is comfort so high heel shoes are out. Kate chooses a pair of simple black patent leather platform sandals with a cute tie knot ribbon detail at the back which gives her a bit of extra height without compromising comfort and heel support unlike flimsy flip-flop or open-toe flat sandals.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pull & Bear Lookbook Inspiration: It's A Sweatshirt X Boxer Shorts Kinda Weekend

It's that time of the week again except the fact that this mid-week's shorter with an extra vacation day - Good Friday coming along and Easter Sunday to look forward to. (We're not religious, it's just the chocolate eggs we're into!)

Unseasonably hot weather in Singapore and around Asia this summer spells for lazy dressing or laid-back relaxed chic. Here are the top 5 staples for this Spring Summer 2014 if you live in the tropics or are experiencing plenty of sunshine~ Our Summer 2014 lookbook is inspired by Pull and Bear's March 2014 collection featuring the gorgeous upcoming Finnish supermodel Mathilda Tolvanen.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 1: The Staple Sweat-shirt
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Mint-green and pastel, this sweet sweatshirt will not only serve to turn up the heat by giving you a warm complexion but shield you from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Fashion tip: If you love wearing micro-mini ripped denim shorts, sweatshirts are a girl's best friend to balance this sexy look.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 2: The Knit top
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Similar to it's cousin the sweatshirt in volume but available in sleeveless styles is the knit tank top. 

Fashion tip: Go for a sleeveless knit top with roomy arm holes like a muscle Tee or wife-beater and spice it up with a neon or floral print bikini for that extra sexy edge.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 3: Do the Dolce & Gabbana Pyjamas Look
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Try out strappy jumpsuits or a two-piece top and loose pants in this tropical prints such as palm prints and pineapples for that laid-back holidaying on an island or resort look.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 4: The Kimono jacket
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Oriental hues are back on trend with the Kimono jacket as a perfect summer staple since grunge style button-less open-front cardigans and jackets gained in popularity.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 5: The Unisex Romper Look
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Go all cool and androgynous with a sleeveless shirt and roomy men's bermudas and keep it feminine in lightweight cotton or silk.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miu Miu MATELASSÉ Biker Bag in Every Color a Chameleon Could Pull Off

Our Weekend Inspiration leads us to multi-colour bagporn featuring the Miu Miu Matelasse Biker Bag in purple, blue, orange, pink, green.. just watch the color change before your eyes!

Perhaps Miuccia Prada should consider these colours for the upcoming Spring Summer 2015 runway shows in Milan in September this year.

Music: School Night by New Zealand musician Thomston

Friday, April 11, 2014

MBFW Australia Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 2015 - Day 5

Today's Runway Review Covers the Last Day of the Mercedes-Benz sponsored fashion week in Sydney. (All image credits go to

1) Alice McCall 2014/ 2015

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Yesterday was the last day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia fashion shows and here are the best of the last shows.

Alice McCall's Spring Summer 2014/ 2015 runway show was filled with plenty of pretty, girly dresses with a sexy edge.

See-through mesh tops, dresses, flirty and fun folded origami pleated bubble skirts, crochet rompers and floor-length see through lace gowns in piercing white dominated the first half of the runway show.

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The second half of the runway show was full of lolita cuteness, sweet yet provocative at the same time with really short metallic skorts, bright yellow silk rompers with polka-dot frill trimmings and see-through dresses with embroided daisies.

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Graphic art prints all-over rompers and dresses in the Alice McCall Spring Summer 2014/ 2015 runway collection made sure the designer ended Australia Fashion Week with a big memorable bang.

2) Emma Mulholland 2014/ 2015
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Designer Emma Mulholland was known for her psychedelic surf and punky graphic prints for her previous Fall Winter 2013 collection. 

Her Spring Summer 2014/ 2015 runway collection was more comic-book character based with geek-chic models parading down the runway in pastel ice-cream colours.

That's surely one way to be deliciously different from the rest of the otherwise "normal" or "toned-down" fashion designers.