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Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear

Gigi Hadid has just launched an eye wear collection with Vogue featuring three different styles of sunglasses in various shades.
The campaign features Gigi in her glamorous lifestyle not typical of the buyer profile - horse-riding, lounging about in an expensive designer dress eating a custom-made slice from a cake boutique, playing with food in an expensive designer kitchen owned by some Hollywood director which you would only see on movie sets.
How tired and old is the theme of If I buy this , I would have a fun and fabulous life or lifestyle like this? Perhaps some of Gigi's fans may have already outgrown such blatant and no-brainer marketing tactics, and then perhaps not.
The taglines or brand message is #ShowYourVogue What does that even mean? Show your magazine? Wait a minute, does anyone even read magazines anymore? If they mean definition number two - style, then how could one's style be represented in only three typecasts?
Instead of launching more styles, they are cuttin…

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