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Gigi Hadid's Racism Costs her Victoria's Secret Show

Gigi Hadid backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in 2016

Less than two weeks before the 2017 Victoria's Secret Show happening on 28 November, supermodel Gigi Hadid is dropped from the lucrative deal for being racist to Asian people of Chinese, Korean or Japanese descent.
Gigi Hadid in a video squinting her eyes to look like a Chinese person, making fun of slit eyes.

The supermodel is no stranger to racist acts, contributing to the negative stereotype that models are more beauty than brains.

The irony of the Vogue magazine cover title ' "The Power of Personality - or lack of it."

In November 2015, Gigi an American citizen who lives in New York and not the sticks, agreed to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia magazine styled in an Afro complete with a "blackface".

Narrowing her eyes to mimic Melania Trump in an heavily accented Eastern European tone on a TV show.

Last year in November 2016, during the American Music Awards where she was paid to host th…

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