Anorexic model Siri Tollerod

Siri Tollerod looks really ill as she sways on the runway like a twig on a dying tree at Sophia Kokolosaki Spring Summer 2010.


  1. Oh nos! And I love Siri too! She always looks so happy and calm. I also think she has a ridiculously beautiful face. But le gasp! She does look way too skinny... Her legs look about the same, but it's terribly apparent in the arms that she lost even MORE weight... Ah noooo! Someone order her a pizza! Or maybe about ten...

  2. You dont know what you are talking about. Siri loves desserts and loves food. Well she is skinny, but she is very healthy!
    - good friend of Siri -

  3. Good! Maybe it was just the lighting or something in those shots... Fortunately, she seems healthier in more recent shots I've seen.

    I'm just glad I had the good fortune to find someone who could speak with authority on the subject. I really am. I'm just a silly writer girl who was extremely inspired by Siri on complete accident (really, my most epic story yet- all inadvertantly thanks to her), so I'd be devastated if my writing muse deliberately hurt herself because she caved to ludicrous industry standards. Healthy Siri makes a happy writer. ^^
    ~ very relieved first poster

  4. it's such a shame that most models have to resort to looking like walking skeletons :(

  5. i think she looks fine

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  7. It´s funny when ALWAYS someone writes " no, she isn´t anorexic. She loves food, bla bla bla"
    Now, answer me: Who doesn´t like to eat? But have a HUGE difference between love to eat and eat for sure. Most of the models "eat" to bad. I know the fact for own experience.

    P.S: Sorry for my horrible english!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Nah- your English is fine :)

  8. je crois qu'on oublie de dire que ce sont les couturiers, les grands maîtres de la mode qui imposent cette anorexie aux modèles... Maintenant ils viennent la ramener (2013) pour dire que leurs mannequins sont trop "maigre" alors que c'est eux les tortionnaires pour faire surement des économies de tissus... Ne nous trompons pas de responsable. Je parle bien du cas général.

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