Boring Clothes on Pretty Girls

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Uniqlo has the worse range of clothing. Boring staples that H&M, Zara, Mango, Topshop and almost every other high street label - you name it, they have it, are already loaded with it.

Now, Uniqlo is introducing their "heattech" or heat technology range which obviously traps more heat using thin fibres which results in you not having to looked like an overstuffed turkey or baked potato in winter. However, the folks at Uniqlo who came out with their ingenious "Uniqlo" brand name which sounds like they are "Unique lo" (Note: "Lo" is a colloquial Singapore term similar to "La" or "Ya". It is used as an emphasis to whatever word or subject placed before it.), apparently has not heard of Global warming or tune in to CNN or NHK News to find out that the world has grown warmer by a couple of degrees and will continue to do so.

A year ago, I was sweating on the peak of a glacier - Aigulle du Midi (some 3000m) with minimal walking and nothing but a Long sleeve T-shirt and normal puffer jacket. (P.S. My French guide thought I was mad.)

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue - my all time favorite site for the latest fashion editorial and ads


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