Dang! Italians are Good!

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I absolutely covet every single piece from Massimo Rebecchi's Spring Summer 2010 collection which he presented at Milan Fashion Week. From the layered sequin under sheer silk dress piece, tropical paradise print silk dress and skirt pieces, pure cotton mixed with Japanese inspired prints of men's shirts, petal shaped ruffles on dresses, folded, scrunched, studded, draped, twisted, knitted, netted, mixed fabrics... I love them all. Every piece is a smart investment for your wardrobe as Massimo Rebecchi's versatile clothing can take you from day to night, weekdays to weekends.

But of course, Massimo Rebecchi's collection is only available in Italy... He has no stores outside Italy. Oh well, saving the best for their own citizens is nothing new for European designers.


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