Hybrid Beauties

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Have you heard of the twin spiky domes otherwise known as The Esplanade theatre in Singapore which have been compared to another Singaporean delight - smelly pong pong Durian. If you ever get a chance to see The Esplanade theatre's actual life form, it will strike you as a set of gross house fly compound eyes, consisting of thousands of individual photoreception units or thorny spoke-like windows. Some of my favourite pieces include the Lipsy Jewel Ruched Bustier Dress which reminds me of Spring Summer 2009 stained cathedral glass, crystals and insect-prints Alexander McQueen collection. The black mini skirts and net panel tights resemble Roberto Cavalli's Fall Winter 2009 collection of lace up suede pants/ leggings and grommet ridden skirts.

Designers take many inspirations to mould and form their outfits and the best pieces are often a Hybrid of Ideas.

Here is my interpretation of the Hybrid of Ideas original designers have taken in to create beautiful pieces (from bottom to top):

Honeycomb + Sequins (Skirt)
Pearls + Swarovski crystals + Chrome plated skulls (Ring)
Multicolour + Leopard prints (Dress)
Mirrored Gem Prints + Sexy bustier (Dress)
Lizard scales + Black (Tights)
Red Rouge + Embroidery (Shakespearean Top)
Boat + Wedge (Platform Boots)
Red Alert+ Slabs of Black (Dangerous Bee Sweater Dress)
Leather Cut Sandals + Tarnished Grommets (Shoes)
Cute Platform + All Over Studs (Shark Head Mary Janes)
Black Satin + White Gems (Sharp Edged Skirt)


  1. breed? what's the meaning of breed? I dn't speak very weell english!!! jeje thanks to pass! :)

  2. Oh, I was asking what "type" of dog. I really like your "type" or "breed" of dog.

  3. ooh i love that triangle skirt it's from bebe? might have to make a visit when i'm in the states :)


  4. Yep, its from bebe. Hope they open an outlet in Kiwi soon!

  5. wow i love the skirt!! and i think that people like rodarte so much because their stuff is original and it's a breath of fresh air. at least, that's why i like it.

  6. i like your collage!!

    kisses from Munich,


  7. Love the skirt in the first picture!

    Oh yes, Julia Stegner is really beautiful, that's right. But in my opinion asian girls are more beautiful like european ones ;)

    Kisses :*

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments. I hope Rodarte will have a better collection next season ;)

  9. I will take it all!


  10. I tried on the bebe skirt. it's soooooo GOOD.

  11. Hope you show it to us on your blog MayK!

  12. Love those Alaias, especially the pumps!


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