Looking Miserable at John Galliano

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John Galliano's Spring Summer 2010 Collection looks as Miserable as his models.
90% of the models at John Galliano's Spring Summer 2010 Collection wore the mask of what could only be described as"Miserable" on their faces. The remaining 10% fought bravely to put up a straight face.

And No, this (Miserable Look) was not the required expression neither was it instructed on to the models for the John Galliano show.


  1. It certainly was such a LET DOWN! I did NOT get his so called version of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.And your'e right the 'sunset' looked more like magma LOL!
    Heaven's to Betsy Bloomingdales I was so disappointed and Gawd knows I'm his number one fan.I risked my life(lol) a few times in the past to get into his shows.(I cheapened myself and charmed bouncers at the door like a brazen hussey,climbed walls and once even pretended to be a Minister's wife to get in!sometimes it worked btw.
    For some years now he's been on the verge of giving me a nervous breakdown with his Dior collections for trophy wives and their spoiled daughters in Swiss boarding schools. I always forgave him when he charmed me with his proper collection like his last 2. But this is it! I'm going to write him a Dear John letter!!!.....LOL of course I'll forgive him as usual because he's John and I'll always love and thank him for dropping my jaw and thrilling me with numerous collections in the past.

  2. Haha! You actually charmed your way in!? Hmm, what Dior has is its established brand name and logos logos, loads of Dior logos. Well, let's see how long Mr Galliano can use the enormous successes in the past to get away with crappy collections. But maybe he might thrill you again :)

  3. Hahaha Jyun before I REALLY pass for a brazen hussey, by 'charming' or more like 'TRYING to charm' the bouncers at the entrances I have to admit those were the times when it DIDN'T work LOL!
    Seriously though, climbing walls etc go back some years now when I was a lot more atheletic and enthusiastic. These days its impossible to gate crash at major collections.
    Ditto about the logos-a-go-go Jyun.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself back then :)


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