Louis Vuitton Pays Tribute to Homeless

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What would you wear if you were a homeless person? Spring Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton collection.

Key learning points on homeless people from Marc Jacob's Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Collection:

1) 3-in-1s: A shoe, a floor duster/ mop, able to collect anything and everything on the ground in between those huge hairs/ fibres

2) Utility pockets: Where would we be without them? As the homeless are constantly picking whatever they can find, where would we be without numerous utility pockets to store the gold? (Even if it means wearing my shorts over my over sized top; see Magdalena Frackowiak)

3) Recycled materials: Save the planet, wear dresses made of recycled LV bags (see Iris strubegger) not to mention shiny recycled trash bags as skirts (see Anastasia Kuznetsova)

4) Made-in-china LV ripoffs: Even the homeless like to indulge themselves once in a while. How about a nice over sized denim jacket with D-I-Y Louis Vuitton prints all over? Made in China of course!

Ok let's admit it. Marriage preparation isn't all stress free okay? *Winks at Mr Marc Jacobs*


  1. LOL that was so funny Jyun! More so because its true! I doubt the LV stores will dare display a total look from the collection. Some people raved over the Cleopatra Jones afro hair but not me. I would have prefered to see real black models on the runway. But I'm not going to get into a black issue now.

  2. Haha, I'm glad you have a good sense of humour :) You should see Kenzo SS10. They actually had black models to do all their african inspired collections at the ending of the show. (Not in my Kenzo post though)


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