MANGO Hombre Fall 2009 Runway

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The Mango Man Fall 2009 runway collection was full of dandy men or boys sporting raccoon hats, Russian hats, their girlfriend's shawls and double hooped around skinny tan leather belts. The coats and fur trimmed/ lined jackets in reddish brown and other earthy tones looked scrumptious though. Overall, a metro sexual, European city boy style of dressing.


  1. love mango, but sometimes the runway collection looks so much better than in personal. always disappoints me.
    anyway, let's just hope that my boyfriend lets me dress him like this.

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  2. haha, that's true. Haha, if you get to do so, please share the pictures! :P

  3. Mango collections are gorgeous.
    love love love!
    great blog :)


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