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Why is Leila Sham's first clothing collection going to be a hit instantly when she launches it sometime soon? 50% of the reason is her Middle Eastern roots and the other 50% is she is a genius and has worked a long way in the Fashion Industry including DKNY Jeans in her portfolio when she was a Creative Director there.

Artists say bad times is a good thing because creativity at is peak is spawned by the sheer determination to overcome the bad (times or situation) and win the battle over "evil". Leila Shams was laid off early this year and since then she has triumphed over all obstacles and defeated the most unfortunate situation she was in.

We can see positivity, hope, sheer determination and will to perform only her best in Leila Sham's very first Spring Summer 2010 collection. Her collection features wildlife, animals and even Nature at its very raw self - Lightning streaking across the darkness - it brings disaster and life (electricity) at the same time.

Leila uses an array of materials such as beads, feathers, stones, sequins and gems for an exotic feel and primal edge to her clothes.

From dresses in toned down psychedelic colours to over-sized zippers on aggressive neon colour dresses, Leila Shams has brought out the best of her creative side and was able to express her feelings, no holds barred, through her clothes.

Above are all the pieces I hope to get my hands on once Leila Shams is ready to launch her Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Please show such your utmost support to a woman who dares to dream out loud.

For more information on Leila Shams and her collection, please visit her official site.


  1. That mini with the grass band [as I'll call it] and animal print is SICK.

  2. Yea, I absolutely love these pieces!


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