Model Behaviour: Chupa Chups Syndrome

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Most models are beautiful creatures but some tend to catch the "Chupa Chup" Syndrome or what is commonly known as "bobble-head" syndrome or disproportionate head to body ratio, expecially during fashion week.

Anyway, back to the hunt for more beautiful models.


  1. haha, did you come up with this?
    they are beautiful regardless =)

  2. Yes, I have these crazy ideas of popular culture mix with fashion mix with models.

    Yes they are ;)

  3. Thank you for your comment! And yes, you got the right vibe from my blog - Virgo's spirit is strong :)

  4. Love chupa chups!!It´s the best sweet!

  5. Oops, pardon me.

    But it's nice to hear that you want to learn Swedish. It is a wonderful language (accor me)

    If you want to read my blog, so you can translate it in the menu.

    Hope all is well with you and that you get a nice Saturday.


  6. would this Chupa Chup head be caused by the picture taking or by the models fail to eat?

  7. you're hilarious!
    and thanks so much for all the comments!
    would you like to swap links?

  8. LOL bobbleheads.
    but on another note - In middle school I had a stupidintense addiction to the Banana Chocolate chupachups. GOD. I kinda want one right now.


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