Quintessentially Brit Gifts for Him

What can you do to relive your trip to Europe every night when you live in a hot & humid tropical island? Of course, you could "carry" pictures of the significant landscape you visited in London such as Harrods at Knightsbridge with a multi-colour striped mini cooper on a helipad right smack in the middle of London gazing at the blue skies in midday. The Mini On Location Collection by Paul Smith has "travelled" through woods and English countrysides.

Ladies, these gifts will warm the heart of every boy-at-heart men. It's also never too early to make preparation for Christmas.

1. Paul Smith Harrods Heli-Pad Holdall (Mini
Price: £299.00

2. Paul Smith Harrods Heli-Pad Wallet
Price: £169.00

3. Paul Smith Grey Multi Stripe Merino Wool Scarf
Price: £64.95

All available at Harrods.com

Label design from Specky Boy Design Magazine


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