Say Something Nice: Balmain SS 2010 dress

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Balmain's Spring Summer 2010 dress on Sienna Miller. The dress totally compliments her as only trashy, brainless, attention-grabbing whores would don the Balmain Spring Summer 2010 dresses. Read my previous runway review on Balmain's Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Trash-g-edgy at Balmain

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  1. Really? I'm a big fan of Balmain look! I don't think they're trashy at all but I do enjoy reading your post! It's refreshing to see a different point of view other than "I agree! It's hot!".

    I have no idea why my blog has a content warning either. It's really mind-boggling. xxoxoxxo

  2. i love sienna,but that dress is just...awful.

  3. i really like it, and her makeup is just flawless!

  4. Sienna has looks but her fashion choices riles me and speaks volumes of herself.

    Fashion Cap -
    I understand. Sometimes I go to wildy popular blogs and they have 60 comments all saying the same "I love it". Makes me wonder if those were computer generated replies by mindless bots.

  5. i wasn't impressed with the latest balmain collection either.
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  6. hey dear!! thanks for the comments on my blog.
    oh ya!! I'm addiceted to high heels!


  7. i think she looks beautiful, the dress itself has a few too many slashes for my taste, but overall the look is quite fabulous, sequins+jagged edges+slashes, the whole dress is like one big play off of each concepts texture... hmmm, now i do not know if i am making any sense at all!! haha!!

  8. I really love Balmain,
    but I don't really like this dress,
    or I just don't like it on her



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