Fancy Gems and Swirly Heads at Lanvin

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Lanvin cuts sharp silouettes and swirly whirls of collars, skirt hems and dresses just like the swirly top of hard sugar icing on fancy gem biscuits. Fancy gem biscuits are are favourite traditional snack of Singaporeans by local biscuit manufacturer Khong Guan. Colourful, swirly, whirly hardened icing sugar on a basic biscuit base. Moroccan madhatter Alber Elbaz never fails to bring back the basics with an added spice. In his Spring Summer 2010 Lanvin collection, the added spice is candy colour and rich jewel tones as Alber Elbaz manipulates distinct swirls and twirls of fabric.


  1. Nifty comparison with the Khong Guan jewel biscuits. I lived in S'pore for awhile as a kid and remember these tiny biscuits. I loved the sugar icing but thought the biscuit was bland.
    I love Alber Elbaz and liked this collection but I hope he'll move on from all these swirls,whirls and twists we've been seeing the past few seasons. I almost yawned.

  2. Haha, you're right on Alber Elbaz not moving on. His always doing cocktail dresses and dresses for hollywood stars. Btw, Lanvin is closing down in Singapore. The last store at Wisma Atria is having a clearance sale..

    Wow, you seem like a really interesting person with your diverse background ;)

  3. Thanks Jyun. I lived in S'pore for awhile in the 80s. Coming from an expatriate family we moved around a bit. As a pre-teen then, all my fashion know how was of Metro Dept stores and Tangs. I'm told things have changed in a dramatic way since the 80s. Wish we had H&M or Zara back then.
    I'm quite surprised to hear that Lanvin is closing down. Insufficient marketing or eco crisis I guess. Personally I can't afford luxury labels and make do with high street alternatives.


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