Singaporeans are Unhappy Workers, DUH?

Singaporean News Channel - Channel News Asia recently reported
"Survey shows civil servants happier compared to those in private sector"
Their survey was based on local online job portal

Civil servants scored 58.5 on the JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator and those employed in the private sector scored 55.9 .

A score of 50 indicates that an employee feels neutral about his work happiness, and a full score of 100 will mean that he is very happy. This really speaks volumes about how happy our employed Singaporeans are. - NOT

Even with a mind-blowing 2.6% difference, CEO of JobsCentral, Lim Der Shing, said the result was not surprising. (Well said!) He said the civil service in Singapore is well—run and has rather progressive human resource policies in place.

Hmmm, what a big difference it is how Civil Service employers treat their employees than compared to private sector employers. A whopping 2.6% difference. WOW.

Source: Yahoo Singapore News


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