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Be it Habaneros, Jalapenos, Chillies or Peppers, the spicy vibrant colour of these hotshots are what I would use to describe the young German label Smeilinener by 20-somethings - Lisa Mischa and Brettel Woeste's Spring Summer 2010 collection in Madrid Fashion Week.

Smeilinener's Spring Summer 2010 collection's first piece on the runway was an oversized yellow plaid schoolgirl's dress with a giant frilly heart detail covering the entire chest. This reminds me of a Singaporean all-time favourite pastry - the pineapple tart. I would like to advise all who stop over in Singapore to NOT purchase tacky and overpriced Singapore Merlion pineapple tart cookies you would find at DFS Galleria and all other tourist rip-off locations (usually central, town area) and make the informed decision to buy authenthic cheap and tasty pineapple tarts from islandwide soy bean milk retailer Mr Bean or off-the shelve homegrown brand - Glory, which you can find in any good supermarket. Pineapple tarts are usually eaten in excess during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and any other day you feel like it.

Back to Smeilinener's Spring Summer 2010 collection, the last few runway pieces were multicoloured with key shades of rich greens and red silk featuring embroided mandarin ducks which had a very Chinese influence to it and big circular prints you would typically find on a Japanese kimono.

Smeilinener's Spring Summer Collection 2010 Concept & Inspiration from Designer in their own words
: Colour, handcraft, high quality manufacture, timelessness and longevity
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  1. very nice composition and powerful colors!

  2. love this smeilinener illustrations !
    thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting
    hope u'll keep visitng and following my blog too :D

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog :0 the designer and photographer were amazing, i was so lucky to model for them :)

    Im lovvvinggg these colours btw :)


  4. Hey!
    Thanks for the suggestions, they are awesome. I'll have to see what I can find for little money!

  5. Darling, I'd love to say "yes, it's me, Irina Lazareanu", but unfortunately I'm just a normal german girl :/ But thanks for the compliment, because Irina is my icon.
    But you are quite cute, girl. Love your blog and your pictures ;)
    Kisses from Germany!

  6. Jiun, thanks for your visit!! Your blog is nice!! I follow you now!!
    I invite you to follow me too!!

    Saludos desde Munich,

  7. I love the colors !! :)

  8. I love these excellent and unusual color combination. A perfect source of inspiration.

  9. Haha Stephanie, quoting me on your Marc by Marc Jacobs SS10 post?

    Thanks for the comment everyone.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I love all the colors here! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. It had just clouded over when we got to a good location to shoot photos so the boots were not as vibrant as they could have been! You are right about that =) xoxo

  12. where did you go when you come to France?
    Well first of all my place is very nice and as you said the volcanos are beautiful. Then there are a lot of shops and also the architecture is interessant. We also have an interessant rock scene and many groups come there to play. And there is also the biggest disco of europe though it's not where I prefer to go!:)

    Anyway one of my friend lived in singapour for several years :)

  13. Oh, I go to Chamonix, Rennes, Champagne, Tours, Bretagne. I will make Auvergne the next destination on my trip to France!


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