Trash-g-edgy at Balmain

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Trash - Edgy is the Balmain Spring Summer 2010 collection

With enough wormholes to make you squirm, Balmain's worned to pieces Tees paired with lovely leather bondage laced-up side jeans.

The military-inspired jackets looked ridiculous this season and I'm not sure which sucker would wear one. (besides those paid to be seen in one)

Not loving the moth-eaten tees, tattered, homeless, "I had not enough cloth to make this clothe" Balmain collection.

There were too much going on the sequin shirts in "Trailer Park Trash Worthy" - chains, random gauze and splotches of sequins in dirty grey and rusty bronze.

Not even super cool Daria Werbowy could save Balmain from the cheap latex bondage top and tacky gold coloured skirt from "I smell a Skank, Wassup Ho?" It doesn't take a genius to realise that ultra-short leather shorts paired with plunging gold leopard print sequin singlet just screamed - skank, whore, hooker. But Balmain's Christopher Decarnin failed to even realise this fatal combination. Anja Rubik was made to wear a gold loincloth, exposing her jutted hipbones - not very nice.

The rest of the Balmain collection looked just a mess - see "Thrift store bargain pieces Under 20" and the Balmain's homeless edition in "From Riches to Rags".


  1. hahaha I totally agree with you, Decarnin does do trashy fashion but he does it best.


  2. The previous Balmain collections were really good. What a shame for this season.

  3. Completely disagree with you. Paired with classic accompaniments, Balmain's 2010 collection looks both chic and edgy. I'm in love with this year's military-style jackets and killer-heels.

    Some people reacted to Marc Jacob's infamous grunge collection as you are reacting here. The same people then witnessed Jacob's define an entire decade of style.

    It's easy to like classic fashion - no risk there - but style is about trend and taking risks. You complain about Singapore being behind the times, but perhaps you aren't as fashion-forward as you think.


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