World of Birds, Beasts, Insects & More at Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen can do no wrong.

The first thing that came to mind when I first set my eyes on the multi-dimensional graphic prints on Alexander McQueen's Spring Summer 2010 was the flora & fauna found on the forest beds of all things dead and decaying, leaves, animals, insects or sea beds aplenty with all kinds of wondrous micro organisms and sea creatures.

These homes to the critter and creatures down beneath form a sustainable ecosystem on its own and more importantly, is vital for the survival of the bigger picture - the entire, larger ecosystem and the world.

The tight coiffed and plaited hairs resembled stag horn beetles and ancient escargot or ram's horn looking ammonites whose existence still intrigue mankind till this very day.

Alexander McQueen's shoes looked like a twisted form of torture equivalent to Nina Ricci's last Fall Winter 2008/ 2009 collection's but the unbelievably sculpted reptilian and metal hammered on ones just looked too beautiful to put the lusting for aside. Move away Nicholas Kirkwood, your simple heels with bolts for Rodarte can't compare to McQueen's perfected hammered metal boots.


  1. After awhile the dresses got kind of repetative. The hoof boots were indeed amazing and hat's off to the models for not tumbling.
    I was expecting more diversity from McQ but he was the highlight of week anyway.

  2. Wow, you must be a McQ fan cos' he did have loads of surprising collections before this. I love the witch ritual inspired one when everyone (models) spotted Cleopatra-like Egyptian eyes.

  3. Can't forget his collection in hommage to the Colonial British Empire a few season's ago.Still drooling over it.
    I'm a bit hard on McQ at times because I know when he's inspired he is capable of the most amazing clothes that ever existed since YSL and Edith Head of Hollywood in the 1930s.

  4. Well, just have to wait till next season. I wonder what's in your closet, for a person so opinionated and informed of fashion :)

  5. Weary interesting view, the hair makes me think about snakeheads though, maybe im the only one?

  6. Perhaps, it could be many things :) The opening of the show featured writhing snakes and the clothe patterns had lots of snake prints too.


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