YSL Á La Lohan, Celine Goes Red Indian

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Welcome to the Worst of Paris Fashion Week, Part 2. You will discover some pieces of Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2010 collection that was inspired by Lindsay Lohan's Emanuel Ungaro collection. Stefano Pilati did a modest version of La Lohan with sequin strawberry prints emerging out of nowhere and landing on a white full-length skirt, silly shaped frumpy dresses with polka dots and cherry/ floral prints - so dated. A black version of the La Lohan polka dot dress seemed to be made out of bed cover warmers or a bed comforter (garbage bag)?

Besides deliberately and dreadfully long threads hanging out from dress hems of model Hanne Gaby Odiele's dress, Stefano Pilati's maid uniform gone wrong (see oversized white pinafore secured with ribbon over chunky leather top) and array of garbage dresses, the Yves Saint Laurent designer even slit the legs of his high-waist shorts to create a distasteful "detailings for the sake of detailings" look. Fortnuately, half of the Yves Saint Laurent collection was salvaged when Stefano Pilati chose to stick to the usual sleek pieces still as insurance when he had simply ran out of ideas.

And yes, for the upteenth time it is not sexy to reveal silly cloth bras...

The Celine Spring Summer 2010 collection was Wild Wild West - gone the wrong way.

Celine's Spring Summer 2010 collection was inspired entirely be Red Indians, Tepees, judging by the shapeless tent tops and dresses.

Model Freja Beha Erichsen was made to wear pants even your mom could not love. While
designers like Christopher Decarnin struggled with the lack of fabrics, Celine's Phoebo Philo had a surplus and didn't know what to do with it.

Just view the excess flapping fabrics on jackets, tops and dress sleeves in action on the runway.


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