Deep Sea Bride

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Scallop patterned hems, fish scales, sea shell belt buckles, starfish print ball gown, intricate fan-shaped dress sleeves made to look and move like fish fins and a generous amount of glittering sequins marked Zuhair Murad's Spring Summer 2009 Haute Couture show.

Zuhair Murad's mermaid princesses looked elegant in their barely there makeup as they carried themselves gracefully with their elaborate gowns trailing across the rocky sea bed precariously amongst the snarking tree-like branches of blue & orange corals.


  1. Wow!! I like many of these!
    Drop in for my Tuesday Tea Party :-) Everyone welcome!

  2. hi, it's a kind of roti prata. it is called "pfannkuchen" and it's like pancakes.

  3. Gorgeous dresses! Way to expencive for me but amazing to drool over.

    And to answere you're question, I'm naturally slender like that. My dad could eat anything when he was young and I look like him (mom's teh complete opposite). Except for biking to school I do nothing :O

  4. You make really beautiful collages.
    Love them. One more follower ^^

  5. I love this collage...such gorgeous dresses!

  6. What a great college as always Jyun!


  7. so beautiful and elegant, and the mermaid thing can go TERRIBLY AWRY, but not in these cases!

    and thank you so much for your comment. i hope your mom survived breast cancer and that she is doing well.

  8. Thankfully, she is doing well Drollgirl :)

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments and Jamie, I should get more involved in physical activity :P

  9. great collection

    thanks for visiting my blog : )

  10. Great Collages!


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