Going Pocahontas

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It Was All About Going Back to Roots of Our Origin at Alessandro Dell Acqua Spring Summer 2010 as the designer embraced white suede boots, robes, fringes, cardigans, dresses, tops and belts in tribal style formed from natural-looking, traditionally woven fabrics such as hemp, jute and bamboo.

As you gaze at the models parading down in Alessandro Dell Acqua's Spring Summer 2009 collection, look harder and the soft beige center stage will give way to the lush green backdrop of a centuries old rainforest, filled with active volcanoes, carnivorous plants, spider monkeys, ample supply of plantain (banana trees), forest berries, tree frogs and loads of enchanting and exotic tropical adventures.

One thing Dell'Acqua will never forget is his image of sexy women his weak spot for lingerie now styled in peek-a-boo form in colours of volcanic ash and warm tones of mother earth.

As the Alessandro Dell Acqua's Spring Summer 2009 show came drawing to an end, the model clothes became stained black like hot lava that oozed to quickly onto the cool surface air, solidifying and darkening to a charred black. The models, resembling a procession of tribes, worn a face that can be only described as sacrificial brides-to-be for appeasing the constant wrath of the restless mountain gods.


  1. you made some really good observations

  2. You certainly have a wonderful way of describing fashion - great blog post!

  3. Thank you Ryder. I would like to say I have a keen eye for fashion :P

  4. Allesandro Dell'Acqua has always been a personal favorite. The suede, neutrals and fringed encapsulated in the show really made their way into my dreams.

    All in all, a fabulous show.

    And thanks for the compliment :) I'll try and incorporate brighter colors! I'm a black-all type of girl. I literally wear it day after day till someone snaps me out of it. You, in this case! ;) Thanks, girl!

  5. i like the hot lava looks best. beautiful!

  6. Great montage...love the pocahontas look!

  7. This is really interesting, you've explained everything so good! Congrats!!
    And thank you for your comment at my blog!

  8. lovely collage!

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  9. That's good to hear FabBlab! You can always add edgy studded bags and shoes or black leather jackets to your colourful pieces.


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