Let Colour Shed Light On The Way To Recovery

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Unlike the Paris, London and Milan Spring Summer 2010 Fashion Week which blacks, whites and nudes took center stage at most shows, Sao Paulo Spring Summer 2010 Fashion week was full of colour and determination for hopeful recovery of the current economic downturn.

With leading Fashion houses like Versace cutting a quarter of their existing staff and Prada who was preparing to cut their staff headcount as well until their Spring Summer 2010 orders actually filled up 10% more than usual, it seems like the recovery may be slower or bleak for the time being.

Brazilians, naturally optimistic, happy and fun-loving people hold strong to their positive and colorful roots and were the only ones who shone their beacon of light through the dark tunnel of recession by rainbows and showing the world that we will prevail eventually.


  1. i love the strong shapes in not-so-shocking colours, interesting designs

  2. lovely post, sweetie!

    thanks for your cute comment! I think the speedy is like a chanel 2.55 a classic and somehow a must-have.. but actually, I also prefer individual things (vintage shops are great for it!)

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  4. Thanks, yes the camera works well so far, but i might discover some new features :)..which camera do you use?
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  6. Great post. I'm loving all of the bright colors!

  7. I've really been in to bold bright colors paired with soft browns and neutrals so I was super excited to see this post! Thanks!


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