Return of The Vamp

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Dark is the hour and midnight rose that thrives on the chest of these women.
It was as if the Giant, Bloody & Jet Black Rosettes on the woman's bosoms were calling out to you and taunting "If you want my heart, come and get it."

Siren red was the choice colour for she who rules the night
They moved along swiftly without feet as their long black trumpet skirts that shimmered with an unearthly sheen ruffled the silent ground. The eyes of the vamps glintered as if they were beckoning to you "Madamme, May I have your neck?"

Black & crimson red ribbon confetti sprinkled all over dresses like dark blood spilt over white chiffon. And suddenly, without a warning, the black & harsh red dissolved into dewy taupe and then emerald greens while the girls retained their solemn look, as tough as a thorn.

The colours started shifting rapidly into a medly of orange sorbet and pastel green before melting into the shade of cream antique roses.

How intelligent it is of Zuhair Murad to revisit the classic rose theme when most designers would avoid in his Fall Winter 2009-2010 collection.


  1. i love the glam gothic!
    xoxo from France

  2. i like the idea of the softness of draping (the petals) in contrast with a structured corner (the thorn). Yeap, rose is surely one of the best poetic alter egos for women.

  3. I love these. What a great look. Hopey our week started off well. Cheers!

  4. I love vampires, i think its a nice collection :)
    hey thanks for the comment on my blog!! take care.. nice blog :)

  5. Love the vamp collage...very cool!

  6. This is quite a gorgeous and clever collage, fantastic work!

  7. Thank you Heather and all. You really make my day :P

  8. fantastic work! these colours are so inspiring!

  9. What great collection. Thank God you can make the picture bigger. Love all the details of it and the theme is great.

    B* a la Moda

  10. Great selection, Jyun!

    If U have a mood, look at my newer giveaway!


  11. Hey Janet, I'm always in a mood for your posts and your blog is growing on me :)

    -> Submarinazul. I'm flabbergasted by your comment, you are such a cool male model.

  12. Love this post. I think everyone has vampire fever - myself included. =)

  13. omg thank you for sharing this.
    gorgeous gorgeous stuff.


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