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Strong shoulders fostered with the strength and volume of the great black ostrich feathers, oh the drama of drapery on dresses in purple, black& blue silks, mock-croc & rose-print jacquard.

Belgrade born young fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic launched her first collection in 2005 which always features "something out of the ordinary" clothes. She is known for her origami-like signature folds on her silk dresses and has continually stuck with her theme, revamping it with different materials and popping eyes with crowd-stopping imageries such as powerful shoulders and exploding volumes which she never fails to tame with expert draping and folds.


  1. origami-like signatura! That's great! Thanks for sharing this incredible show's details. :-D

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    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. i am in love with the strong shoulder look that has appeared this season. hope it will stay for a little longer.
    great collage btw.

  3. i like this look
    the picture is so cute too,
    oh, BTW
    you blog is amazing!

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Now my weekend is sweetened :)

  5. gorgeous! love your blog <3

  6. What a great collage! I think I like the black bodysuit with the cutouts best. :-)

  7. oh YUM. those shoulder drape and gather details are WOW


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