Belle of The Ball

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A dazzling array of party perfect dresses for New Year's Eve that never go out of style from Elie Saab Spring Summer 2008 collection. From body-hugging sequin staples to billowing silk gowns finished with a big silk ribbon at the waist, the evening wear has never been more titillating yet sophisticated at the same time at the Elie Saab Spring Summer show.


  1. Glitterati! Love these dresses, Elie Saab always knows how to stand out with sparkles.

  2. Yes, Elie Saab is so good in feminine, evening wear.

  3. ohh these are gorgeous. i love how at new years you can wear sparkles and glitter and be compltely perfect and not tacky haha
    merry christmas and happy new year!
    and gorgeouss blogg!

  4. haha alanna, sparkles and glitters are not tacky as nightlife attire, when used with moderation, it can be classy or rocking hot!


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