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The Albino Fall Winter 2009 collection pieces were few but fabulous. The concentration paid to each detail and the amount of perfection put into each dress was far more than other ubiquitous & typical 50 piece Fall Winter collections you would see during fashion week.

The sensuality in deep red was played up with kitschy cool ribbons, shimmering dresses with exposing side zips on the bustiers, unconventional red suede motorcycle vests, silk and satins folded to imitate flower bouquets.

An expert play with balancing volumes, Albino designer Albino D'Amato works his magic on each statement making piece.


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  2. Very nice stuff from Juicy! I love the three red pieces from the top!!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Juicy C, but this collection is great I think...

    Have a lovely week ahead Jyun!


  4. ok, i CANNOT believe i am going to write this, but I LOVE THE CLOTHES! normally i hate all things juicy, but these clothes are rad. someone needs to do something about their AWFUL ads, though. for reals.

  5. I second the statement above me. These are just too beautifully made!

  6. No, no people! These are not Juicy Couture clothings. These are from the Albino fall winter 2009 collection. I used the word play "juicy couture" because Albino's rtw collection is really sensational, sexy and couturish at the same time.


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