Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Needs Vera Wang?

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You don't need Vera Wang to make that special occasion a memorable one with rising English designer Jenny Packham. Just view Jenny Packham's mesmerizing Fall Winter 2009 collection and be carried away by what the mystical nights behold in such dresses of splendor.

Embrace the Arabian nights with Jenny Packham's wild, mystical, enticing Fall Winter 2009 collection loaded with colourful gems and fabrics in shades of royal blues and purples, pale cornflower blue, yellow magnolias and creamy white.

If i were to face the night alone
I would
In Jenny Packham I would play dress up
Dreaming of my one true prince
One who is Dark & Mysterious
Stirring from the Middle East
To carry me away from the deep dark depths
Of this lonely spiralling abyss

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pure English Romance

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It's Wedding Bells & Magic Spells of love & romance at Jenny Packham's Spring Summer 2010 collection in London with dresses looking like icing on the wedding cakes, crystal dress straps shaped like flower bouquets, ribbons, tulles and gems. (I want my wedding dress to look like this!)

Some of the details of Jenny Packham's Spring Summer 2010 collection included dresses with lace and ruffles so delicate like coral ferns swaying at the mercy of the sea rhythm. Crystals and gems that shimmer like wet round polished riverstones against the moonlight lace an intricately netted dress.

Heavenly dresses were paired with virginal white satin ballet flats. Knots of a nude brown dress crisscrossed to nearly form a star just above the belly and under the bustier adorned with hundred of tiny gems like shiny dew drops on a chilly sping morning which all belonged to a long, flowing evening dress.

The deliberate use of fabrics so fine and pellucid channelled the naughty and playful charm of the English Aristocrat Anne Boleyn when she flirted with Henry Tudor in her sheer dress and fell into the fountain in the historical movie "The Other Boleyn Girl".

How to look like a Jenny Packham Spring Summer 2010 bride:
  1. Lightly tousled bun
  2. Wine lips
  3. Don't save on the baby powder
  4. White stocking


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Say Something Nice: Leigh Lezark for Mango

This is no Iris Strubegger cut and the stylist probably had a tiff with Miss Leigh Lezark.

Source: Mango Fall Winter 2009.10 campaign from Design Scene

Hybrid Beauties

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Have you heard of the twin spiky domes otherwise known as The Esplanade theatre in Singapore which have been compared to another Singaporean delight - smelly pong pong Durian. If you ever get a chance to see The Esplanade theatre's actual life form, it will strike you as a set of gross house fly compound eyes, consisting of thousands of individual photoreception units or thorny spoke-like windows. Some of my favourite pieces include the Lipsy Jewel Ruched Bustier Dress which reminds me of Spring Summer 2009 stained cathedral glass, crystals and insect-prints Alexander McQueen collection. The black mini skirts and net panel tights resemble Roberto Cavalli's Fall Winter 2009 collection of lace up suede pants/ leggings and grommet ridden skirts.

Designers take many inspirations to mould and form their outfits and the best pieces are often a Hybrid of Ideas.

Here is my interpretation of the Hybrid of Ideas original designers have taken in to create beautiful pieces (from bottom to top):

Honeycomb + Sequins (Skirt)
Pearls + Swarovski crystals + Chrome plated skulls (Ring)
Multicolour + Leopard prints (Dress)
Mirrored Gem Prints + Sexy bustier (Dress)
Lizard scales + Black (Tights)
Red Rouge + Embroidery (Shakespearean Top)
Boat + Wedge (Platform Boots)
Red Alert+ Slabs of Black (Dangerous Bee Sweater Dress)
Leather Cut Sandals + Tarnished Grommets (Shoes)
Cute Platform + All Over Studs (Shark Head Mary Janes)
Black Satin + White Gems (Sharp Edged Skirt)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Talk About Colour

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Be it Habaneros, Jalapenos, Chillies or Peppers, the spicy vibrant colour of these hotshots are what I would use to describe the young German label Smeilinener by 20-somethings - Lisa Mischa and Brettel Woeste's Spring Summer 2010 collection in Madrid Fashion Week.

Smeilinener's Spring Summer 2010 collection's first piece on the runway was an oversized yellow plaid schoolgirl's dress with a giant frilly heart detail covering the entire chest. This reminds me of a Singaporean all-time favourite pastry - the pineapple tart. I would like to advise all who stop over in Singapore to NOT purchase tacky and overpriced Singapore Merlion pineapple tart cookies you would find at DFS Galleria and all other tourist rip-off locations (usually central, town area) and make the informed decision to buy authenthic cheap and tasty pineapple tarts from islandwide soy bean milk retailer Mr Bean or off-the shelve homegrown brand - Glory, which you can find in any good supermarket. Pineapple tarts are usually eaten in excess during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and any other day you feel like it.

Back to Smeilinener's Spring Summer 2010 collection, the last few runway pieces were multicoloured with key shades of rich greens and red silk featuring embroided mandarin ducks which had a very Chinese influence to it and big circular prints you would typically find on a Japanese kimono.

Smeilinener's Spring Summer Collection 2010 Concept & Inspiration from Designer in their own words
: Colour, handcraft, high quality manufacture, timelessness and longevity
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Vintage , Swinging, Golden, Beauty

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Besides wide leather Japanese Obi belts, I wear my long dresses with chain belts to shorten hemlines and introduce a bit of vintage glamour in the form of coins, tassels, Florentine lion heads and gold tarnished bullets. I wouldn't mind adding golden mystical fish-ling sea creatures to my collection.

Shop at: Retrospect
Owner: Loren Sosna
Featured item: Seventies fringed brass belt, $78
Address: 333 Smith Street, near Carroll Street, NYC

Source: NYMAG Daily, Fashion

Monday, October 26, 2009

On Trend: Thrift Picks for Fall Winter 2009

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This is what I would wear for Fall Winter 2009.

CAGED: Goth punk ribbed wool sweater to expose those tight pecs and sexy ribacages, Miu Miu ripoff of the iconic swirly tiny stud detail suede booties, Roberto Cavalli-like writhing snake cuffs.

BIKER: Rhinestone studs that look like spikes from afar with multiple chains, quilted bomber jackets which are oh so Dolce & Gabbana menswear, plaid hoodies in deep red almost black unlike those tired old dated looking bright red Scottish checks with Christmas greens or white lines to dilute the biker toughness.

ANIMALIA: It involves naked bird butts left cold and clammy after the past few seasons infatuation with peacock prints and now real peacock feathers. Do not restrict your imagination, wild tiger stripes need not be in yellows, browns and blacks only.

HOODLUM: There's a fine line between hooker and haute especially when pairing leopard print fur jackets with tights. Transform the tranny into tough young punk with rebellious striped leggings or Alice-In-Wonderland looking classic diamond tights (remember the cards?) Pair with brown or nude boots to eliminate the trash and add a Chloe ripoff to your collection designed by none other than designer whore-worthy Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes.

All pieces are available from affordable high street label

Primal Instinct

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No matter how fierce or sharp you look, there are many possibilities that you will be ridiculed if seen in one of these animal spare parts. Somehow, the better of the trio would be Dolce & Gabbana's gorilla bionic arms perhaps because man were from monkeys?

Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue, Constance Jablonski for Vogue Russia

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Say Something Nice: Balmain SS 2010 dress

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Balmain's Spring Summer 2010 dress on Sienna Miller. The dress totally compliments her as only trashy, brainless, attention-grabbing whores would don the Balmain Spring Summer 2010 dresses. Read my previous runway review on Balmain's Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Trash-g-edgy at Balmain

Photo source:

Nothing Like a Warm Summer's Breeze

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Yes, although most of you around the world are freezing your butts off now and it will still remain perpetually hot over here in Singapore, let my favourite model of all time since I set my eyes upon her - the enigmatic Hungarian beauty Eniko Mihalik in the editorial “Soft and Only, Lost and Lonely" in The Room magazine. warm your chilled bones with this set of pictures from the lovely Joanna at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Model Behaviour: Chupa Chups Syndrome

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Most models are beautiful creatures but some tend to catch the "Chupa Chup" Syndrome or what is commonly known as "bobble-head" syndrome or disproportionate head to body ratio, expecially during fashion week.

Anyway, back to the hunt for more beautiful models.


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Models turned hooker
for the day by making the wrong choices for their clothing combination. Lara Stone, if you are too voluptous, please don't wear a see-through lacy bra.

Read the recipes for disaster on the mom-sy hooker and sleek Russian call girl look although I really heart the red suded and leather Dolce and Gabbana bag she is toting. But the fake bleached hair (see black roots) against the non-matching slightly tan and tired looking skin screams Russian hooker! The matchy matchy red may work for some but I'm not sure if its her.

Models at Barnyard and Miu Miu

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Of course you know the barnyard was the setting for Chanel Spring Summer 2010 at Paris Fashion Week. I didn't bother to post tons of ambiguous model looks consisting of top to toe in black mono, cropped leather jackets, tights and shoes.

Look! It's a Model!

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Click here to view more details of models who are being watched like alien specimens during Paris fashion week, Spring Summer 2010.

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Click here to view more details of models who are being watched like alien specimens during Paris fashion week, Spring Summer 2010.

Isn't It Perfect To Be Young, Skinny & Blonde?

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Geox Designs Empire State Building Shoes

Geox designs fabulous shoes after the iconic Empire State Building and New York City, celebrating their 10th anniversary as well as the lights and sounds of the bustling city. The sequins and cool steel gray heels summarises all. Now, where to buy it?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've Been A Bad Boy, Gimme some Horsepower

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Oh behave! Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2010 fashion week collection in Milano, the designer duo Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, whose names are as fanciful as their collection and their theatre and architecture background.

The models on the Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2010 show were probably made to recite "Boys are animals, tame them!" as they charged down the runway in leather corsets, flowing manes off sleeves and dresses, bridles and S&M (sadomasochistic) and bondage fetish inspired belts and garters, brandishing whips with sinister looks on their faces.

Frankie Morello's collection will make boys grovel before you , beg with knees and head to the floor but eyes definitely peeled and staring upwards, of course at your magnificent getup.

You don't need horseshoes for luck to get men because the kinky Frankie Morello oufits will guarantee you just that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

MANGO Hombre Fall 2009 Runway

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The Mango Man Fall 2009 runway collection was full of dandy men or boys sporting raccoon hats, Russian hats, their girlfriend's shawls and double hooped around skinny tan leather belts. The coats and fur trimmed/ lined jackets in reddish brown and other earthy tones looked scrumptious though. Overall, a metro sexual, European city boy style of dressing.

MANGO Mujer Fall 2009 Runway

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Mango goes Russian for their Fall-Winter 2009 runway collection. Embroided vests with Russian pattern prints, loads of fur collars, vests, cuffs, coats and huge, shiny metal high waisted corset belts resembling gladiator-like armour not for the faint hearted or people thick around the corners or buxom area. A little bit like the past Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2008 metal corset waist belts with lock and keys included.

The Mango Fall Winter 2009 collection had a cautious selection of thigh high boots in camel suede to avoid looking porn star-like which black would very well make it so.

Zara TRF - Thrift Range 2009

Zara's youthful TRF or what I would like to call "THRIFT" range because of its affordability, goes American old school with checked flannel shirts and D&G inspired military jackets for girls and women, wool knit school boy cardigans and the old-school your grand(father)'s winter print knit sweaters for boys and men.

The Zara Man

Zara Man Fall 2009 collection. The Zara Man has a forlorn look, a bit scruffy, a bit polished, a gentleman who is true at heart, an artist, a poet.

The Zara Woman

Zara Woman Fall 2009 with Toni Garn. The Zara Woman is Confident, Aggressive, Emotional and Hopeful.

Metamorphose into Leila Shams's Muse

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Why is Leila Sham's first clothing collection going to be a hit instantly when she launches it sometime soon? 50% of the reason is her Middle Eastern roots and the other 50% is she is a genius and has worked a long way in the Fashion Industry including DKNY Jeans in her portfolio when she was a Creative Director there.

Artists say bad times is a good thing because creativity at is peak is spawned by the sheer determination to overcome the bad (times or situation) and win the battle over "evil". Leila Shams was laid off early this year and since then she has triumphed over all obstacles and defeated the most unfortunate situation she was in.

We can see positivity, hope, sheer determination and will to perform only her best in Leila Sham's very first Spring Summer 2010 collection. Her collection features wildlife, animals and even Nature at its very raw self - Lightning streaking across the darkness - it brings disaster and life (electricity) at the same time.

Leila uses an array of materials such as beads, feathers, stones, sequins and gems for an exotic feel and primal edge to her clothes.

From dresses in toned down psychedelic colours to over-sized zippers on aggressive neon colour dresses, Leila Shams has brought out the best of her creative side and was able to express her feelings, no holds barred, through her clothes.

Above are all the pieces I hope to get my hands on once Leila Shams is ready to launch her Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Please show such your utmost support to a woman who dares to dream out loud.

For more information on Leila Shams and her collection, please visit her official site.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mango Fall Winter 2009

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From the fringed leather, metal embellished strips on Prada's warrior womens' skirts to Roberto Cavalli's eyelet trimmed skirt and dress hems; with pieces inspired by Roberto Cavalli and Prada's look on the Fall Winter 2009 catwalk, you can only wait impatiently for the weekly new arrivals at a Mango store near you just to get your hands on these "designer lookalikes for less" pieces.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Balmain Bags - UGH...LY

I just received this mailer from regarding Balmain bags for pre-order. Why would I? These bags look like the bunch I saw at Topshop just the other day..oh wait, I mean every other day. I probably pay $50-$70 Singapore dollars or lesser than USD50 or £20 or €25 and my fascination with currency conversion goes on as I completely forgot about those typical everyday cheap-looking hillbilly bags.

Don't get me wrong. The folks at Net-a-Porter bring in cool stuff every week but they do cater to wannabes too.

Barbie & Balmain

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Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad echoed the charming, elegant and sophisticated ladylike Barbie in the Christmas Limited Edition variety instead of the Bimbo Barbie image most people have in their minds. I love the trains, details and lace overlays under thousands of sequins.

Zuhair Murad's Spring Summer 2010 collection at Paris Fashion Week was not given enough attention and coverage although his collection were commendable pieces which were a mix of Barbie, Balmain and his personal Middle-Eastern touch.

It was a pity that Zuhair Murad's Spring Summer collection pieces were far fewer than most of the other designers who presented their collection at Paris Fashion Week 2010.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dang! Italians are Good! - Home Improvements

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Salon del Mobile 2009 in Milano - Furniture and Architecture Trade Show featuring the best in Italy and the World every year.

Hanging mobiles made of cut metal, modern and vintage at the same time, hammered aluminum installations with super reflective shattered mirror pieces effect as if you were brought back to the castle of the Snow Queen were showcased at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.

Huge glass jugs filled with mock orange juice and ice cubesto remind you that you are out in the backyards of a forever sunshine resort with vast orange orchards in sunny Southern Italy.

Decadent walls fashioned out of nothing else but thousands of hand cut mother of pearl shells and a roman bath fit for kings with swirled pillars, pink painted landscape as backdrop and tubs and paths paved with glinty mosaic gold and blue tiles were just one of the bathroom ideas one could get at Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.

Psychedelic swirls of colours in every tile, fascinating to watch in your futuristic shower, as if you were in a time transporter.

And how does a toilet look in icy blue winter days? Sad and sombre colours and lighting for the toilet which makes you feel like you were in the middle of an enchanted forest. Life seems like a story as every page of the past unfolds from the back of you memories as you use this master toilet.

You could also up the "Oomph" and make your living room a sexy lounge with added dimmed neon lights in your table tops and cushy leather sofa beds with inspirations from one of the many living room interior design collections at Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.

Make your home a living sanctuary for your soul and choose whichever art piece that will compliment your personality with excellent interior design collections from the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano exhibitors.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Style Icon - Leigh Lezark

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DJ, Model and all-out attitude New Yorker complete with a smirk and eyes that stare deep into you soul, endless and cold. Leigh Lezark has caught the eye of the fashion paparazzi recently as has been seen out and about at Paris Fashion Week. I love Leigh Lezark's straight dark hair, scuplted cheekbones, narrow face and wry smile. Leigh Lezark is almost witch-like and bewitching at the same time.

Attitude is Style too.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Perfect Dress: Sparkling Midnight Universe

Delicately fringed sheer lace dress with sequins hand woven in. You will look like a midnight universe with dozens of twinkling stars. Giant gemstone embellished centerpiece perfects the finishing touches on this breathtaking dress.

Source: Neiman Marcus

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boring Clothes on Pretty Girls

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Uniqlo has the worse range of clothing. Boring staples that H&M, Zara, Mango, Topshop and almost every other high street label - you name it, they have it, are already loaded with it.

Now, Uniqlo is introducing their "heattech" or heat technology range which obviously traps more heat using thin fibres which results in you not having to looked like an overstuffed turkey or baked potato in winter. However, the folks at Uniqlo who came out with their ingenious "Uniqlo" brand name which sounds like they are "Unique lo" (Note: "Lo" is a colloquial Singapore term similar to "La" or "Ya". It is used as an emphasis to whatever word or subject placed before it.), apparently has not heard of Global warming or tune in to CNN or NHK News to find out that the world has grown warmer by a couple of degrees and will continue to do so.

A year ago, I was sweating on the peak of a glacier - Aigulle du Midi (some 3000m) with minimal walking and nothing but a Long sleeve T-shirt and normal puffer jacket. (P.S. My French guide thought I was mad.)

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue - my all time favorite site for the latest fashion editorial and ads

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Art: Your Breakfast is Watching You

Source: Scott Lamb,

Fall Winter Sales Start Early

US premium fashion and beauty retailers Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue have started their contemporary apparel sales early this week and so will all the other premium & contemporary fashion retailers as the going gets tough with most consumers holding back on pricey buys and looking for more value in their money spent.

Some highlights of the sales that have caught my attention include (from left to right) Nanette Lepore's Magpie Silk Blouse, love the gold, speckles, sheer bib and bohemian details, Tibi Printed Silk Dress, tribal and geometry is here to stay and Ali Ro Belted Silk Kimono Dress, Plunging V balances perfectly with clean slate blue to produce a demure demeanor.

Neiman Marcus's sale here. Be patient for the Neiman Marcus's premium designer sale as they have very good bargains.

Notables from Paris Fashion Week

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Tommy Ton Ton for Vogue at Paris Fashion Week



Tommy Ton or what I would like to call him Tommy Ton Ton which matches his cute structure perfectly, is the famous photographer and owner of Jak & Jil Blog, who was commissioned by Vogue to capture off the street scenes near the very heart of fashion - outside the shows at Paris Fashion Week.

In the first picture is a lovely lady which I believe is Leigh Lezark in a lovely peacock coat which I think is Giambattista Valli.

The centerpiece of the second picture is a beautiful red satin clutch caged in what looks like gold painted Chinese flower motifs, topped with a cute gold skull hinting it may be Alexander McQueen. Unfortunately, I am not loving the senator looking, stuffy pink coat that the owner is matching her lovely clutch with.


Naughty and Nice: Jean Charles de Castelbajac

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For all things naughty and nice this Spring Summer 2010, we can look to Jean Charles de Castelbajac's Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Donald Duck is bigger and badder (than Mickey Mouse of course) as Mr Jean Charles de Castelbajac sticks to his wacky and eclectic roots of all things Pop-Art.

In the Jean Charles de Castelbajac Fall Winter 2009 collection, Mr JC/DC styled his runway models as the classic Walt Disney character in "101 Dalmatians" - Cruella who has an obsession with animal fur and dalmation dog skins. He made his "Cruellas" wear "dead" "Kermit the Frog" characters from popular children's programme - Sesame Street as neck warmers and a giant coat made with hundreds of "Kermit the Frog".

Animals were brought to life in his horse hair sweaters and dresses with real horsehair sticking out of shoulders and arms. Literally "leopard" print shoes with cute whiskers, button noses and teeth, far better than Marc by Marc Jacob's mouse shoes.

Most Wanted List: Kenzo Spring Summer 2010

(View actual size here)

Checks and plaids are back in tonal blues on menswear inspired jackets at Kenzo Spring Summer 2010.

Burnished denim blazers, menswear tuxedo collars, tonal metallic blazers, giant cotton puffball print trench and bag, floral batik & tribal prints in loud colours, tie-dyed scarves, fur bags, huge perforated leather tote, thick elaborate buckle belts that I still think Roberto Cavalli holds the trophy for doing the best at in designing.

True to its founder Kenzo Takada, Kenzo Spring Summer 2010 collection has kept to its Asian-European roots as always.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween comes in the form of Little Goth Girls at Miu Miu

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(View actual size here)

I knew Miu Miu was the younger collection of the Prada brand. "But Not That Young!" was what I though this season when I saw the Miu Miu Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Of course the expert tailoring and quality Italian fabrics remain uncompromised at Miu Miu. But the look and feel of some pieces (Sharp pointy collars paired with cats and swallows) and messy braids in the sordid, Halloween-esque presentation just made me imagine a fairytale with frightened and confused little girls wandering in the deep dark depths of a scary forest. Their eyes are wide open like platters, ample lower lashes as they peer into your soul. Its as if their eyes are screaming into your mind "Help me!"

Don't get me wrong. I love the overall goth-doll collection, pretty jacquard lace-looking pants, erotic naked woman prints, cutouts around the bust area and the way it was presented. There were some pretty chandelier pieces all in virginal white and some pretty messed up pieces mostly with sequins, beads and the wrong combination of prints/ fabric.

Mind you, this collection with its "I'm never been so confused in this point of life" look is best worn on little girls. 20 & above-s have to try elsewhere.

On Trend: Roland Mouret Spring Summer 2010

Some style learnings from Mr Roland Mouret for RM by Roland Mouret Spring Summer 2010 collection

1) Long Scarf as hoodie and peeking out of coat. The glittery yellow scarf at RM by Roland Mouret adds a great burst of colour to monotone trenches too.

2) Exaggerated Hips in the form of tulip skirts or beautifully shaped ones on dresses at RM by Roland Mouret

3) Asymmetrical + one shoulder + micro-mini length dress = perfection at RM by Roland Mouret

Louis Vuitton Pays Tribute to Homeless

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(View full size image here)

What would you wear if you were a homeless person? Spring Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton collection.

Key learning points on homeless people from Marc Jacob's Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Collection:

1) 3-in-1s: A shoe, a floor duster/ mop, able to collect anything and everything on the ground in between those huge hairs/ fibres

2) Utility pockets: Where would we be without them? As the homeless are constantly picking whatever they can find, where would we be without numerous utility pockets to store the gold? (Even if it means wearing my shorts over my over sized top; see Magdalena Frackowiak)

3) Recycled materials: Save the planet, wear dresses made of recycled LV bags (see Iris strubegger) not to mention shiny recycled trash bags as skirts (see Anastasia Kuznetsova)

4) Made-in-china LV ripoffs: Even the homeless like to indulge themselves once in a while. How about a nice over sized denim jacket with D-I-Y Louis Vuitton prints all over? Made in China of course!

Ok let's admit it. Marriage preparation isn't all stress free okay? *Winks at Mr Marc Jacobs*

Sexy Cowgirls Va Va Voom at Paul & Joe

(View full size image here)

(View full size image here)

It was all sexy and country at the same time Spring Summer 2010 Paul & Joe show. I like how French designer Sophie Albou balances the sexy and cool at the same time with ribbon corsets and lace micro-short shorts paired with sleek black cowbow hats, chunky boots, clean and crisp boyfriend shirts at Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2010. Also to love are her colorful leather fringed bags and perforated leather belts in colorful floral designs.

I had to post the Fall Winter 2009 Paul & Joe collection because all the pieces were so bright, shiny and disco! There was no lack of beautiful shaped fur coats and structured leather jacket, comfy knitted beanies with matching oversized wool cardigans, mini dresses which draped beautifully around one's body. One is sure to ride out in comfort and style this winter in Paul & Joe's Fall Winter 2009 collection. I just wish Christmas would come sooner.

Looking Miserable at John Galliano

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(View full size image here)

John Galliano's Spring Summer 2010 Collection looks as Miserable as his models.
90% of the models at John Galliano's Spring Summer 2010 Collection wore the mask of what could only be described as"Miserable" on their faces. The remaining 10% fought bravely to put up a straight face.

And No, this (Miserable Look) was not the required expression neither was it instructed on to the models for the John Galliano show.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

World of Birds, Beasts, Insects & More at Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen can do no wrong.

The first thing that came to mind when I first set my eyes on the multi-dimensional graphic prints on Alexander McQueen's Spring Summer 2010 was the flora & fauna found on the forest beds of all things dead and decaying, leaves, animals, insects or sea beds aplenty with all kinds of wondrous micro organisms and sea creatures.

These homes to the critter and creatures down beneath form a sustainable ecosystem on its own and more importantly, is vital for the survival of the bigger picture - the entire, larger ecosystem and the world.

The tight coiffed and plaited hairs resembled stag horn beetles and ancient escargot or ram's horn looking ammonites whose existence still intrigue mankind till this very day.

Alexander McQueen's shoes looked like a twisted form of torture equivalent to Nina Ricci's last Fall Winter 2008/ 2009 collection's but the unbelievably sculpted reptilian and metal hammered on ones just looked too beautiful to put the lusting for aside. Move away Nicholas Kirkwood, your simple heels with bolts for Rodarte can't compare to McQueen's perfected hammered metal boots.