Monday, November 30, 2009

How To Wear Fall's Colours - High School Delinquent Edition

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With red or mulberry lips of course.
With chalk on your pants, fur snood or neck warmer, layered socks in a least ten colours, ten layers and ten textures.

Carry your fall outfit with an "anything goes, as long as i like it" mindset. It is totally up to you whether ypu want to dress like an alice in chains or half-naked only in your tattoo. If you were a high school delinquent, you would tell your screaming mom before you leave home every morning, "I wear what I want whenever, I want" before you run off to school.

Dirty colours suit dirty teens the most, brick orange, moss green, dusty indigo, curry brown.

If you were a high school rebel, you would have a thing for chains cos' you won't hesitate to whop anyone who's in your way.

At Charles Anastase Fall Winter 2009-2010 runway collection, the high school delinquent rules.

I'm loving the doc martens, spiky & basic boots in curry brown, weathered red leather and black with contrasting thick, white shoelace.

Background inspiration from Indiana's First High School Rock Band - The Panics' single cover of "I wanna kill my mom". Access source here.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

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No, this post has nothing to do with any Black Friday Sales Promotions.

Why do people fear black? Top to toe black still brings disgust and contempt and is widely shunned by plenty of superstitious people in Asia and seen as bad luck. Here are some of the comments you would get if your wore Ann Demeulemeester's Fall Winter 2009-2010 collection out here.

"You're only dressed like a funeral for a funeral if you wear all black"

"Did someone pass away in your family? If so, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Are you some goth kid or something?"

"Punk rock is so over already."

Ann Demeulemeester's Fall Winter 2009-2010 collection contained marvelous mainly black pieces in bits and bobs, random wool, jacquard and fur pieces with bunched-up shapeless, baggy pants with hanging crotch area and hundreds of wool braids just hanging loose, waiting to be caught in the train doors and dragging you onto the bloody tracks to hell.

"Cool" is not usually the word associated with this (Ann Demeulemeester's Fall Winter 2009-2010) kind of dressing. "Messed up" is.

My teen punk goth days are so over.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Light & Airy Mechanical Fairy

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The theme was sheer, sexy, sporty chic at Costume National's Spring Summer 2009 collection.

Costume National's Spring Summer 2009 runway was filled with gauze corsets, netted singlets & leggings, bandage bustier tops and dresses constructed from materials as light as tissue, crisp fine linen suits, lace motorcycle vests & pants, see through men's shirts, blazer sleeves and blouses with peek-a-boo bras.

Layer the sheer over with solid pieces and watch the magic of understated sexiness unfold before your eyes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Urban Warriors

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"Give Lily a shotgun and she could go bear-hunting dressed like one."Urban Warriors, Rangers with Hearts of Freedom & Choice and Souls of Carefree Spirits roam the wild lands with humongous fur coats, one seemingly like a bear on model Lily Donaldson.

Jackets, built like protective gear in thick fur, python and stiff cotton were the key highlights at Emilio Pucci's rugged and painfullly beautiful Fall Winter 2009-2010 show.

The spirit of wilderness and raw-edge beauty ruled the runway with boxy leather utility shorts, zippered python and cargo pants, thick ruched wool pants, sequin and metal embellished jeans, belt buckles that looked like vintage war veteran medallions, bustiers and figure hugging dresses with extreme short hemlines ablaze with silver & gold metallics and sequins.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deep Sea Bride

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Scallop patterned hems, fish scales, sea shell belt buckles, starfish print ball gown, intricate fan-shaped dress sleeves made to look and move like fish fins and a generous amount of glittering sequins marked Zuhair Murad's Spring Summer 2009 Haute Couture show.

Zuhair Murad's mermaid princesses looked elegant in their barely there makeup as they carried themselves gracefully with their elaborate gowns trailing across the rocky sea bed precariously amongst the snarking tree-like branches of blue & orange corals.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November Style Icon - Vika Kuropyatnikova

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This 23-year old Ukrainian model from Chernigov is a Raw-Edged Beauty with the exact attitude on and off the runway. Despite gracing the cover of Elle Italia September 2009 recently, the unpretentious Virgo-an has yet to make it as big as her fellow Ukrainian peers such as Daria Werbowy. Her slantly cat eyes and small pert lips are in stark contrast with her strong, broad facial structure gives her her unique, harsh look. Fashion photographers have yet to discover her versatile look. I would pick Vika Kuropyatnikova over Freja Beha Erichsen anytime.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Wear For Those Boogie Woogie Nights

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Tough at work, tough at play too. Designer Alessia Giacobino of label Jo no Fui expresed her dark, rocker chick yet feminine look at her Fall Winter 2009-2010 collection. The Italian designer described her collection as "Straight silhouettes, neat cut and very clean and slim lines". Embellished chains, sequins, vintage lace, burnished gold diamond metals on dresses, shearling lined, chain laced leather riding boots, plaid fringe oversized shirt dresses, Balmain looking stud & gem laden shoes are just some of the precious finds in Jo no Fui Fall Winter 2009-2010 collection.

Somebody take me to Italy now.

Watch the video of Alessia Giacobino talking about her latest collection for Jo no Fui Fall Winter 2009-2010 at Fashion TV.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Steel Mettle

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Take Heart in the Corporate Jungle of A Workplace. If looks could kill, sharp and expert tailoring at Brioni Autumn Winter 2009-2010 in Milan would. The Italian fashion house since 1945 first started out in menswear and the immaculate masculine tailoring still influences even the women's wear line in the Autumn Winter 2009-2010 collection.

Warped leather blouses, wide and elaborate collars, prints that resemble a steel sheet covers, classic coats and skirts with urban twists, a teeny weeny bit of Rick Owens flavour but 99.9% of the remainder was essence of stately Brioni.

Crisp blazers, strong shoulders filled the Brioni Autumn Winter 2009-2010 runway. There's something so clinical and pristine about the cuts and lines at Brioni that makes one lose their breath when they see these masterpieces.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Improvements: Maison & Objet Paris

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Here are some of my favorite picks from the Maison & Objet 2009 Trade Show in Paris. Crying Buddha, Frankenstein's palm, macabre & plush gothic armchairs of bone, tusks and velvet, marble and ivory side table that was shaped like a hundred year old tree's gnarled root, tree trunks caught in their last living moment in acrylic as coffee tables.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Return of The Vamp

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Dark is the hour and midnight rose that thrives on the chest of these women.
It was as if the Giant, Bloody & Jet Black Rosettes on the woman's bosoms were calling out to you and taunting "If you want my heart, come and get it."

Siren red was the choice colour for she who rules the night
They moved along swiftly without feet as their long black trumpet skirts that shimmered with an unearthly sheen ruffled the silent ground. The eyes of the vamps glintered as if they were beckoning to you "Madamme, May I have your neck?"

Black & crimson red ribbon confetti sprinkled all over dresses like dark blood spilt over white chiffon. And suddenly, without a warning, the black & harsh red dissolved into dewy taupe and then emerald greens while the girls retained their solemn look, as tough as a thorn.

The colours started shifting rapidly into a medly of orange sorbet and pastel green before melting into the shade of cream antique roses.

How intelligent it is of Zuhair Murad to revisit the classic rose theme when most designers would avoid in his Fall Winter 2009-2010 collection.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Going Pocahontas

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It Was All About Going Back to Roots of Our Origin at Alessandro Dell Acqua Spring Summer 2010 as the designer embraced white suede boots, robes, fringes, cardigans, dresses, tops and belts in tribal style formed from natural-looking, traditionally woven fabrics such as hemp, jute and bamboo.

As you gaze at the models parading down in Alessandro Dell Acqua's Spring Summer 2009 collection, look harder and the soft beige center stage will give way to the lush green backdrop of a centuries old rainforest, filled with active volcanoes, carnivorous plants, spider monkeys, ample supply of plantain (banana trees), forest berries, tree frogs and loads of enchanting and exotic tropical adventures.

One thing Dell'Acqua will never forget is his image of sexy women his weak spot for lingerie now styled in peek-a-boo form in colours of volcanic ash and warm tones of mother earth.

As the Alessandro Dell Acqua's Spring Summer 2009 show came drawing to an end, the model clothes became stained black like hot lava that oozed to quickly onto the cool surface air, solidifying and darkening to a charred black. The models, resembling a procession of tribes, worn a face that can be only described as sacrificial brides-to-be for appeasing the constant wrath of the restless mountain gods.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Born Again Beauty

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Girls who don Angelo Marani's Spring Summer 2009 collection are like Crystalline Cocoons turning into Beautiful, Brightly Coloured Butterflies as they frolic in dresses with threads of golden sunset lurex, bold blue-golds, green-golds, pinks & purples, ethnic embroidery, Italian lace, tiny sequins and red velvet trimmings. The models sashayed down the runway in key looks such as sequin buttefly bibs & bodices on the chest and romantic lace florals.

Angelo Marani's Spring collection embodies a hippie, bohemian dream come true with all the colours of the Garden of Eden and how a lovely girl blossoms into a woman just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dollhouse

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When the moon rises, the dolls are up to play, the one so fair in a lovely green velvet dress over moss green puff skirt and white stockings against one in a fluid yet structured cosy wool dress. Can the Anteprima's Izumi Ogino go wrong in her Fall Winter 2008/ 2009 collection?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Walk The Night: Glamour Zombies

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It's the attack of the GLAMOUR ZOMBIES! at Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall Winter 2009/2010.

Chocolate lips, overdone brown shading on already sunken cheeks and deep eye sockets and sharpened nose bridges, plus a predominantly brooding black & mahagony just made the girls turn model zombies with a razor sharp edge for glamour. Furs, chainmail knits, hanging hems, gold plated dresses and skirts, gauze thin sheer silk tops and plenty of my favourite oversized vamp collars on coats and jackets added to the look of glamour perfection at Alessandro Dell Acqua Fall Winter 2009/ 2010's runway show.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Flight of Fancy: Darkness Vs Light

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Whose side are you on?
at Gaetano Navarra Spring Summer 2010 as the Italian designer sends out his troop of moody black warriors against the austere whitewashed righteous generals.

Gaetano Navarra's army of rave black troops charged out full force in massive draped tops paired with lace skirts and cut-out leggings, bold bow skirts with an attitude, heavily ruffled lace shoulders with the queen in a bronze gold palette dress like a knight in shining amour.

The dove white righteous troops wore studded white coats and jackets with navy inspired buttons and cropped bold shoulder jackets with stand-up major collars, skirts folded and cut to shape like a pure white sea anemone and an inverted metal plate belt with studded navy buttons.

The key highlight of Gaetano Navarra's Spring Summer 2010 collection would be the cut-out cloth leggings with hundreds of intriguing mini triangles and squares that looked as if some alien morse code was written all over it. Legging colours were available in snakeskin beige, worn white and black.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gear up for Fall, And It Need not be Gray

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Gray is a beautiful, sophisticated colour and is flattering for any skin tone. But one need not be decked head to toe in gray, which I am seeing too much this fall winter on runways and the real life. Smart gray coats and jackets can be livened up with bright reddish brown fox fur, unique shapes and cuttings such as my favourite boxy menswear inspired Shogun sleeve style. At the Gaetano Navarra Fall Winter 2009-10 collection, waxy and shiny textured windbreaker coats, oversized knits and braids sweaters with grape-like detailing, beautiful Victorian shirts that resembled folds of huge flower petals, glittery dandelion print skirts which look like dancing fireworks from afar and skinny tailored pants ruled the runway.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Details Are In The Hair

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Hair with a kick-ass attitude took a strong presence on the Iodice Spring Summer 2010 runway as long Pony tails were swept back to front, adding on to a severe fringe side parting swung right. Long strands of bronze and white pearls were wrapped carelessly around necks and wrists with giant squarish aviators finished each sleekly draped, cut and paneled piece with a polished and dignified edge.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lolita - All Grown Up

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Bustiers, lace, floral prints, ruffles, super short hemlines check. At Samuel Cirnansck Spring Summer 2010, the Lolita is reinvented as a sexy, sensual siren, no longer a child but a woman boosting equally charming and innocent looks that kill while playing a child at heart.

Accessorize the Lolita grown up look with Isabel Marant ripoffs from designer Rosegold's Halle Studded buckled booties.

Other featured shoe goodies above include Cynthia Vincent Taylor studded booties, Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Crisscross Studded Sandal, Chloe OTK boots, Manitobah Short Wrap Mukluks in Black which are way better than Anna Sui for FitFlops Shakhola boots, Chloe Over the Knee wrap boots, Velvet Angels Snafu Double Lace Up Suede Booties and an exclusive Bright Pink tote from Marilyn Minter where proceeds will go to educating women on breast and ovarian cancer.

Shop: Intermixonline

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Dare You Touch My Girlfriend!

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Source: Drop Your Skirt, Triton Spring Summer 2010 campaign

Flashing Undies Never Looked So Virginal & Innocent

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Matching feather earrings, see through skirts with layers and layers of ribbon trimmed hems for exaggerated volume and pomp of a girly princess who rules her own world, garters, nude thigh high hold ups, mini silk wrapped boules with dyed feather downs, fabric flowers made of ilk circular cut outs, baby blue sequin cardigans, little mathcing bow ties with cute, mini tuxedo shirts were all just part of the Triton Spring Summer 2010 fashion show.

The girls looked like little water nymphs blooming out of soft pastel flowers in the poufy, floaty, silk dresses. The Triton Spring Summer 2010 collection was hip and chic with a strong spirituality hence the use of dream catchers but ultimately girly as any girl wearing these dresses would look like fairies with the symbol of eternal youth prancing and hiding around toadstools.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Let Colour Shed Light On The Way To Recovery

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Unlike the Paris, London and Milan Spring Summer 2010 Fashion Week which blacks, whites and nudes took center stage at most shows, Sao Paulo Spring Summer 2010 Fashion week was full of colour and determination for hopeful recovery of the current economic downturn.

With leading Fashion houses like Versace cutting a quarter of their existing staff and Prada who was preparing to cut their staff headcount as well until their Spring Summer 2010 orders actually filled up 10% more than usual, it seems like the recovery may be slower or bleak for the time being.

Brazilians, naturally optimistic, happy and fun-loving people hold strong to their positive and colorful roots and were the only ones who shone their beacon of light through the dark tunnel of recession by rainbows and showing the world that we will prevail eventually.