Bad Boy Attraction

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Have you ever dreamt of hanging out with the baddest, coolest boy in school during your teen or tween years?

Frankie Morello has brought the bad (school) boy image to life again in the latest Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 collection in Milan.

Pretty boys with eternally frowning or worry saddled faces paired with strikingly sharp, chiseled features a la Twilight's Robert Pattinson or Gossip Girl's bad boy heartthrob Ed Westwick parade down the Frankie Morello Fall Winter 2010 runway with footballs, studded leather school bags, punk inspired scarves tied around the face and black caps. There was no sparing use of chains, black & gray border striped sweaters, wool skirts with studded belts, bright red suspenders and tacky "ball" chains.


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