A Hot Mess at Alexander Wang

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"Hot" velvet bra anyone? Gosh, imagine how itchy and hot in must be to be in one of those bizarre furry creations brainchild of none other than Taiwanese designer and genius Alexander Wang who earned cult status quickly for God knows what.

Making even the invincible Natalia Vodianova look fat? That must be really bad tailoring + poor materials used Wang. Watch those bulges and bunching cloth on Natalia's midriff as she makes her way down the runway in totally "hot"Alexander Wang Fall Winter 2010-2011 garb.

To add to the "Oomph" (sex appeal?) of Alexander Wang's ultra sexy collection, a custom bear skin loincloth can be found just above your belly under what appears to be a super cropped mini pinstripe suit.

I marvel at how he squashes supermodel's hotness one after another. Natasa Poly actually looks completely un-sexy and freak-ballish for once in what what looks like a double layered gray sweatpants + oversized granpa's camel cigarette smelling coat.

Alexander Wang also successfully made Agyness Deyn look like a member of the Adam's family.

Apart from half of the hot mess above, Alexander Wang attempts to rip off other designers but fails miserably at doing so.

Notice half a mess of tangled kelp on your face hairdo is a so badly copied McQueen style?

Alexander Wang's other attempt to pull off another top designer stunt which he obviously failed miserably - a Stella McCartney last season's lacey camisole top which he ran out of more material resulting in cheesy tit exposure.

It was literally a "hot" mess at Alexander Wang Fall Winter 2010-2011, New York Fashion Week 2010.


  1. Ugh, I do not like this collection one bit.

  2. haha, exactly. I really wonder how A Wang made it big. His works are like some adesign school undergraduate's

  3. THEIR HAIR. he really got the "haven't had a shower in weeks" look down pat.

  4. eww, imagine those pungent hair oils oozing out from the pores of the scalp..

  5. Scarry, scarry!!! But, like it!


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