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At Oscar De La Renta Fall Winter 2010-2011, I had a hard time deciding which look was the Frumpiest of them All. The models in the Oscar De La Renta Fall Winter 2010-2011 clad in disastrous 40s garbs, reminded me of mindless & clueless bimbos with garish makeup more often than so being attacked and killed in the back streets.

Stumbling down the runway in frumpy clothes, resembling bloodsucking evil grannies, I marvel at how the hair, makeup and clothes by Oscar De La Renta make 20 year old models look 60.


  1. I must admit, there's a grotesque appeal to the idea of frumpiness on acid

    Perhaps this is what comes of Dolce and Gabbana's Queen Elizabeth II influences


  2. Hair + Make-Up is nearly the same as DvF a few years ago when she did a 40's collection.

  3. hahaha
    I love your honesty on this, most bloggers just say 'it was soooooo awesome oh my god ♥'

  4. Hi Isle, thanks for your comments, I was in Amsterdam earlier this year and was quite disappointed with the fashion choices there..


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