Lost Souls at Sea

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Swashbuckling pirates will bring you to your knees. At Rodarte Fall Winter 2010-2011, it's Crap at Its Best, Again.

Models at the Rodarte show resembled pirate ghosts who suffered a pathethic fate of drowning in a shipwreck instead of valiant battle. Scraggly rags hung loose to formless bodies like bleached seaweed on a menhir.


  1. Oh what an amazing collection.
    I didn't skip through the recent fall collection pics yet but according to your collage Rodarte didn't let me down!

  2. Ok, so what did you like about the collection?

  3. Ooh, not exactly nude really. nude is more like beige? flesh toned? not garish white?

  4. The make up was a perfect choice for the collection.

    And haha to Mr 4 times Pirate..

  5. a cacophony of crazy layers and patterns!

  6. Alright what I like about it:
    Totally love that dark red/purple (whatever) shade with the beige tones.
    And of course the perfect pattern and material mixes - what I always love about radarte.
    Oh and I also want one these big wrapped knit shirts. Like the one Nathasha is wearing.

  7. haha, surprised you liked some pieces kimi


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