Mulberry = Boring

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Mulberry breaches the borders of boredom not just with their Bayswater granny bags but their clothings line too. One model looked shocked when she realised she was on the runway at the Mulberry Fall Winter 2011-2012 show and not lounging around her house in a comfy granny wear. Dogs were sent on the runway accompanying models on the catwalk with the designer hoping that people might get distracted with the cute creature and forget how bad the clothes looked. Adorable birds that looked like a page from a bird lover's collection was printed all over a dull grayish brown dress. Lovely shades of turquoise green got killed instantly when it was made into long, neck-less dresses coupled with matching colour handbags and boots.


  1. hey girl!
    are you back on the blogging track?
    I'd love to see you posting again ^^
    I'm still a big fan of your collages.

    Love, kimi

  2. Glad to hear that kimi, thanks! The harshest fashion critic is back :D


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