Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beware of ASOS: Online Fashion Retailer Bungles Up Your Orders

I have had 3 incredible encounters with ASOS. When I say "incredible" in this post, it means astoundingly appalling. What's notable about my negative encounters with ASOS is that all three of them happened in a short span of 4 months! If you had similar encounters with online retailers or e-tailers like ASOS, please share them here.

Encounter 1: ASOS sent me my Miss Sixty Check mini Prom Dress in the wrong colour - a colour they did not even display or sell on the ASOS website! When I contacted them, they gave the usual excuse that the item I wanted had sold out and all they could do was a refund. What a hassle and total disappointment it was for me.

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Encounter 2: Over one gruelling month had passed and I had thought my items from ASOS have been lost in transit and I wasn't wrong - except that ASOS could have not shipped the items out at all in the first place? Was this a purely ridiculous prank or a terrible unavoidable mistake?

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And because of that, I will have to kiss goodbye to my Lowie Nordic Vintage Style Ear Muffs forever... My ears will not be kept warm from the harsh Nordic winter in Finnmark but I can guarantee you that my heart will be colder when I recall this incident
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Encounter 3: How on earth did my Miss Sixty One Shoulder Printed Dress order from ASOS got turned into a Miss Sixty Spring Printed Peep Toe Shoe Boot when it was delivered to me?

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For those of you who have read my post so far and if you did have a look at each e-mail reply from the ASOS customer care officers, you would have realised their amateur-night cut-paste e-mail text skills with almost every single line written in varying font type and size. Those blokes at ASOS must be used to such complains from customers. Could this be one of the many reasons why ASOS sales in their home country - the UK has been spiralling downhill lately? (View Financial Times report "UK Economy drags back ASOS revenue") Who would be tolerant of such erroneous and unforgivable mistakes time and time again? Especially when there are so many more online fashion retailers sprouting out by the minute.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Look of the Day - Chloe Green and Sequin Knickers

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This was on the Daily Mail a couple of days ago. Billionaire Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green's 20-year-old daughter Chloe Green in one of my favourite looks of the season - sequin knickers that pass off as extremely short shorts, paired with sheer tights, faux fur jacket and laced-up hiking boots with killer heels.

Source: Daily Mail "Bet you've never done that before! Billionaire's daughter Chloe Green gets the bus home after a night on the tiles"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Style Secret: Patent Leather Boots in the Style of Lindsay Lohan X Olsen Twins

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My lovely Pour La Victoire Women's Lissa Open-Toe Bootie just came in today! I was a little anxious when I opened the parcel but was very pleased when I actually witnessed the actual boots right in front of my very own eyes. They were far more exquisite and well-made than I had thought - the shiny patent leather, unique boat-like front platform and narrow tapered heel. The zip worked easily up and down and it fitted just fine at size 7.5 (US) or 37.5 (Europe) although I was a 8 (US) or 38 (Europe). Walking around this tottering 4.75 inch heels was surprisingly easy with the 1.25 inch platform at the front.

What made me decide to purchase this pair of booties even when I hesitated much looking at the dwindling funds in my bank account was how cool, stylish and classy this classic little number gave me at my first impression. Recently, I had noticed a pair of Alexander McQueen-like curved heel, claw-like boots on one of my favourite celebrities Lindsay Lohan as seen on Daily Mail.

Alexander McQueen-like killer curved heel, claw-like boots on Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan looks amazing in these uniquely heeled boots, just have to post this pic

Front of boots. Love the way how Lindsay Lohan pairs a wide belt with a statement buckle, in this case a friggin' huge Channel logo, to break the monotonous black outfit.

The pair of Pour La Victoire Open-Toe Bootie also reminded me of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's simple but effortlessly glamorous style which I simply adore too. This gives me some excuse to post some pics of them XD

Mary Kate Olsen: Petite sized and always in heels. Notice the front platforms which bring extra comfort to otherwise unbearable killer heels.
(Image source:

Mary Kate in their customary all-black outfit, complete with black maxi skirt, jumper and fur coat, at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in New York (Image source: Love, Live and Fashion)

Absolutely sexy in a corset, thigh high leather boots and leather pants (Image source: Zeitgeist: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen)


Where to get the Pour La Victoire Women's Lissa Open-Toe Bootie: Shop Endless by, Bluefly is having a sale.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

These Boots are Made for Nordic Winter Walking

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(Fall-Winter boots pictured here: Miss Sixty Clairette lightweight knit boots with leather sole and wooden heels for that extra Norwegian winter log-cabin feel.)

No, actually not if you are going to venture out on the frozen Norwegian landscape off the roads in winter. 

If you are heading to Oslo for a short city-trip holiday or if you are planning to be chauffeured or helicoptered around, then these boots are made for your Nordic winter "walking".

Nordic or "Fair Isle" prints have made a comeback this year in the fashion trend scene where knitwear, coats, gloves, ear-muffs, sweaters, socks and cardigans are all embellished with snowflakes. reindeer and pom-poms.

Boots are a staple footwear for winter as they keep your feet and legs nice, snug and warm. The taller the better if you ask me which type of boots I prefer. Layering them over tight jeans, pants or my favourite - wool leggings and another layer of patterned leggings over the wool leggings for an extra dash of fashion and comfort (warmth).

I have decided to purchase a new pair of boots for my Nordic expedition this winter and will be sharing my actual purchase - what I would really wear on holiday which is usually a tough choice between fashion and comfort, one which in the end meet with a tough compromise.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bland & Boring LØV, Kate Bosworth for Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno clothings have always been pretty bland and boring - Parisian style clothes that match much of England's perennial dull and gray skies or Paris's dusty grey streets in winter. 

This fall, Vanessa Bruno has enlisted the help of Stephanie di Giusto to direct a short film featuring the beautiful Hollywood star Kate Bosworth titled LØV for her fall winter 2011 collection.

No doubt Kate Bosworth has her looks rooted in Scandinavian heritage with her piercing blue eyes and blonde hair, however, this did no help to make the Vanessa Bruno fall-winter collection stand out in any shape or form. I was more drawn to the short little puzzling story which ended in a standard love scene.. 

Heart-warming and lovely the Norwegian landscape may be, the clothes resembled oversized coats with boring granny knits and patterns with unflattering fur collared trimmings in bear brown and beige colours. The only pattern observed in the collection was thick, broad stripes in earthy shades of browns and beige that made even the skinniest runway models look boxy and fat.

Would you like to look like a boxy striped bin for Christmas? 

Vanessa Fall Winter 2011 runway collection
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Source: Vogue magazine at

More related news on Kate Bosworth for Vanessa Bruno ad campaign: "As Kate Bosworth backflips onto the screen in new ad campaign she reveals how split from Orlando Bloom sent her into a spin" Daily Mail

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Style Secret: Winter Look in Reiss Womenswear

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Yes, this is what I am going to wear for winter when I head to Europe at the end of this year. I will be sharing my recent actual purchases in my own style with everyone else from today onwards so you will know what's in my closet :) 

I am a chronic, hopeless fashion shopaholic and the only way to save myself from a spiralling black-hole of debt is to either wait for items to expire in my online shopping cart or disappear from the retail shelves which happen oh-too-quickly at leading retailers and fashion brand owners.

However, there are some classic key pieces which I would not hesitate to get my paws on immediately and I will share my "carefully" thought out purchases here from time to time.

This winter, gold will be the shiny, sparkling colour to bring cheer to an otherwise white and grey winter  landscape. Gold in the form of shiny leggings, velvet or sequin pants is the way forward for me. If gold sequins are a bit too daring for you, do try black sequin pants instead. I find the cropped sequinned pants more versatile for squishing into over-the-knee boots in winter or pairing with a pair of heels for a night out during non winter months than compared to full length sequinned pants.

What I bought: Reiss 1971 Farrah gold velvet slim leg jean

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tom Ford Beauty copies YSL cosmetics

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Lara stone looks stunning on the Tom Ford Beauty campaign by Mert & Marcus. However, the stunning factor stops dead there. A sneak preview of the Tom Ford Beauty make-up immediately made me think how similar the packaging and shades of the make-up range were to the Yves Saint Laurent make-up range.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Tom Ford Beauty Cosmetics Eye shadow Collection images from Neiman Marcus

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics wet and dry eye shadow palette

From the eye shadow palettes to the lipstick casings and even the colours from the Yves Saint Laurent Pure Metal Eye Palette and Pure Chromatics wet and dry eye shadow palette looked exactly the same as the new Tom Ford Beauty eye shadow collection's.

To date, I have always used and adored Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow, lipsticks and glosses as their  make-up has the perfect easy application and stay-on power with maximum glamorising effect.

What cosmetic brands do you absolutely swear by?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bruised Model Feet at end of Paris Fashion Week

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The above foot is taken from a model at the Louis Vuitton show at the end of Paris Spring Summer 2012 fashion week. It seems like her foot is badly bruised and the yellow areas are iodine which is commonly used for cuts and bruises to prevent fungal and bacterial infection.

Story source: New York Fashion Week post "This Is the Bruised and Battered Foot of a Runway Model at the End of Fashion Month", "Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 Ready-to-wear details" and Daily Mail "Battered, bruised and swollen: After a month of Fashion Week shows, models' feet reveal ugly toll of walking top runways"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Did Rapper Kanye West do this at Paris Fashion Week

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View full size image here (Images of Danger Girl and logos from

I was not particulary looking forward to the Kanye West Spring Summer 2012 collection at Paris Fashion week as I thought it would probably be some Adidas or Nike sports apparel X Fashion lookalike outfits in garish neons and loads of spandex.

Very much the opposite of what I had guessed, Kanye West has outdone himself with this outstanding ultra-confident, no-nonsense type feminine character which I immediately thought of - A Milla Jovovich equivalent of a comic idol - Danger Girl.

Despite much flak and poor reviews from countless fashion hags who rather prefer to dress in their granny's pants, Kanye West was spot on key trends of the season with gold pants, shiny lurex tight pants and velvet jumpers, colour-blocking, adorable fur tail accessories, python print silver jeans, knits in shiny gold and metallic shades, origami folds in his pants and tops, as well as the classic black dress brought back in skin-tight form with dramatic plunging necklines cut into sharp geometric angles. One black dress that was cleverly made to look like a separate vest and skirt combo with a plunging neckline even featured two zips naughtily positioned at the waist for that extra kinky factor.

I hate to say this but I am looking forward to Kanye West's next collection after his simple but astounding debut at Paris fashion week Spring Summer 2012 which earned all the right hits.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Versace for H&M collection - Gaudy, Shapeless, Tranny-tastic

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(Pictures via Fashionlogie 'New Versace for H&M photos have appeared' from post) 

The H&M collaboration with Versace designer Donatella Versace is probably as disastrous looking as the designer herself at times. Reminiscence of the era when her brother used to take lead on the Versace designs in the 80s of the era of the long bygone past, loud, gaudy, colour clashing prints in jarring neon pink, green and yellow with high-necked shapeless shift dresses and neck wrinkle concealing huge chunky gold necklaces with oversized Versace medallion just screamed tacky and so awful. Skinny models look like they were drowning in the oversized, shapeless leather jackets with gold stud details. The clothes seem to be wearing the wearer and not the other way round.

Turning stunning Australian model Abby Lee Kershaw into a 60-year old granny (Elegant ladies like Helen Mirren would never wear this!) was an easy feat with the overbleached white hair, black granny cardigan in floral print and horrible leopard print skirt design with a picture of a sunset palm beach in the middle. 

There might still be a few pieces that are salvageable but boring - E.g. plain black corset madonna-inspired dress. I am confident that this H&M X Designer (Versace) collection that I have been looking forward too for months is definitely striked out of my to-do list.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bag of the Day - Chloe Saskia grape satchel

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The classic Chloe Saskia satchel in grape with a stunning contrast of acrylic handles to its grape wine colour fine leather body was one of the bags I tried to get my hand on and could not in the end. Another unique detail to the Chloe Saskia satchel is its unconventional bag pockets with two flaps made in such a way they resemble two tongues to me. I wonder how many lucky readers have got this bag in their collection.