These Boots are Made for Nordic Winter Walking

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(Fall-Winter boots pictured here: Miss Sixty Clairette lightweight knit boots with leather sole and wooden heels for that extra Norwegian winter log-cabin feel.)

No, actually not if you are going to venture out on the frozen Norwegian landscape off the roads in winter. 

If you are heading to Oslo for a short city-trip holiday or if you are planning to be chauffeured or helicoptered around, then these boots are made for your Nordic winter "walking".

Nordic or "Fair Isle" prints have made a comeback this year in the fashion trend scene where knitwear, coats, gloves, ear-muffs, sweaters, socks and cardigans are all embellished with snowflakes. reindeer and pom-poms.

Boots are a staple footwear for winter as they keep your feet and legs nice, snug and warm. The taller the better if you ask me which type of boots I prefer. Layering them over tight jeans, pants or my favourite - wool leggings and another layer of patterned leggings over the wool leggings for an extra dash of fashion and comfort (warmth).

I have decided to purchase a new pair of boots for my Nordic expedition this winter and will be sharing my actual purchase - what I would really wear on holiday which is usually a tough choice between fashion and comfort, one which in the end meet with a tough compromise.


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