Donatella Refused Real Women Wearing Any Versace for H&M collection

Donatella Versace disallowed any of her Versace for H&M collection apparel and accessory pieces to be photographed by New York Daily News using real women from New York City who were size 0 to 6.

Despite the models from New York Daily News being young - fresh college graduates and size 0 to 6, they were promptly denied the go-ahead from Versace's publicist as they did not fit the Versace brand's image.

Ironically, this Versace for H&M collection was designed for real women or commonfolk - anyone who loves fashion or casual streetwear.

Daily Mail Fashion Director Liz Jones commented on Versace's decision and said that is was at odds with H&M's usual, democratic approach to fashion.

Liz told MailOnline: 'This is so typical of 99.9 per cent of designers: they only want their clothes worn by the very young and the very thin.

"This is because the clothes are probably not cut well, not in great fabrics, have no corsetry or intricate draping. It takes a better designer with more skill to dress women who have a bit of shape."

H&M is know for bland and boring basic pieces to cater to the masses with the occassional few runway trend pieces or rare occasions of having a few good designs. However, the mass produced quantities oftentimes mean poor quality and ill-fitting apparels or accessories.

This move by Donatella Versace gives me no confidence at all to buy the ill fitting and gaudy designed dresses. Even supermodels Lindsey Wixon and Natasha Poly failed to look great in their leather head wrap and over-coloured black eyes.

Source: Daily Mail "Donatella 'cancelled Versace for H&M shoot with real women as models because they did not fit her branding" NY Daily News "Donatella Versace's line has a tough time fitting regular New Yorkers into its H&M look"


  1. Oh, what an objection...hmmm?!?!?! but I do not care it, because I am not a huge fan of Versace. :-P


  2. haha, yea. I can't say I'm a fan cos I can't afford the actual Versace range and I don't think she dresses "real women" anyway. XD

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