Style Secret: Jil Sander Luxury for Less

Jil Sander Snakeskin trim Aubergine Tall 
                                                        Suede Ankle Peep Toe Boots                     
                                                        Retail Price: 500 pounds at Browns Fashion

                                 Dune Purple Triple Platform Tall Suede Ankle Boots
                                 Retail Price: 125 pounds at Dune UK

I couldn't believe my eyes when I happened to stumble upon the a pair of boots similar to Jil Sander's snakeskin trim aubergine tall suede ankle boots.

The bright happy purple adds a lovely pop of colour to the dull winter palette of blacks and neutrals. At almost a fifth of the price of a pair of the Jil Sander boots, this purple pair had to be snagged immediately. Although the Dune purple triple platform suede ankle boots would look less luxe than the Jil Sander boots, it is a certainly more affordable pair with a more playful look to it all thanks to its eye-popping purple.


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