Style Secret: Jil Sander over-the-knee thigh-high boots

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Look what came in the mail! Ok, my Jil Sander over-the-knee boots came in the mail last week but still, the excitement level has not died out yet.

This pair of classy over-the-knee boots is a winter classic staple to keep warm and snug and give you the understated cool look at the same time. This boots can be worn fold over and hangs loose at the thigh like inverted funnels if you wear them over the knee. The buttery soft leather smells awesome! However, it does not smell as good as a pair of Prada Sports nappa leather goatskin boot. The fit and the calf is a little too tight. For ladies with muscular calves, beware ASH boots as well. The tall boots will give you an extra tight squeeze they may cut off your blood circulation from your calf to the rest of your body after a while!

The annoying thing about leather boots is that after a few incidents of passer-bys' accidental stepping on the tip of your boot, or either you accidentally cut or graze the leather by hitting a rough wall, corner or rocky side-walk you an be sure a whole will start forming on the tip of your lovely leather boots. Otherwise, scars and scratches over time may simply reveal horrible white scratches on your black leather boots.

And if you get a light coloured pair of boots - beige, taupe, cream, white, be prepared for stains and splotches!


  1. I have similar ones from Alberto Zago. Absolutely comfy and trendy at the same time. :) Perfect for wintery weather. :)

  2. Thanks for telling me about this great brand Janet! I will go check out their shoes ;)


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