Style Secret: Prada Fall Winter 2011 Peach rimmed Yellow tinted Sunglasses

I am not usually a big fan of designer sunglasses and I do not pay much attention to such eye-wear campaigns. However, after viewing the Prada Fall Winter 2011 runway show with the dramatic, dark and futuristic notion, undertones and music, I was completely enthralled and taken in to Prada's Fall Winter collection of mystical fish and reptile creatures wearing oversized shades that resembled scuba diving masks. 

I loved the dramatic python jackets in understated colours and fur trimmed coats accentuated with clumsy big buttons. 

Strangely, I found balance in a little absurdness. The haunting video ad campaign tagline whispered in every Prada Fall Winter 2011 campaign video - 

" one members of unknown species.

slogan has never left my mind ever since.


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