Unfurgivable: Gucci Smilla Racoon Fur Bag with Bamboo Key Charms

Gucci Fall Winter Handbag Obsession: Smilla Racoon Fur (Netherlands) Handbag with bronze chain and matching twin racoon key charms on signature Gucci polished bamboo handbag attachments. 

The Gucci Smilla handbag is the ultimate bohemian accessory, pity the petite size and annoying narrow handbag opening. The Gucci Smilla Racoon Fur Bag size resembles more of a pouch, smaller than a clutch. Just enough to hold a medium size wallet and your mobile phone before it gets too packed.

Retail price: 1600 euros, now on sale at 1120 euros; available online at Gucci.com. Gucci Smilla handbag is also available in 2 different leather variations - tan leather and pink mauve without racoon fur. 


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