Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 Cosmetics: Rocking Candy with Ginta Lapina

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Ginta Lapina is back in the Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) cosmetics campaign again, this time for the YSL Spring Look 2012 cosmetics campaign featuring candy and bubble-gummed coloured lipstick and eye-shadow palettes.

Lloyd Simmons, Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent Make-up said his inspiration for the YSL Spring Look 2012 cosmetics collection were summer fruits such as melon and pomegranates and colourful rock candies.

Below is the complete YSL Spring 2012 cosmetics collection (except for blush as I swear by Chanel for that)

YSL Spring 2012 make-up collection: 'Vinyl Candy' eye-shadow palette. I am very excited about this the colours - pinkish purple and the bluish purple as both colours are great for highlighting and accentuating Asian eyes. The lavender and cherry blossom pink serves as perfect highlighters for the area under the brow and the round (above your eyelid) of the eye.

YSL classic 5-colour eye shadow palette - Ombre 5 Lumieres introduced in a new Spring 2012 shade No13. Personally, I would not go for this eye-shadow palette as the colours are too light. I prefer going for an eye-shadow palette with a good mix of dark and light colours for duo purposes - lining and highlighting.

YSL Rouge Volupté Perle creamy and moisturising lipstick in new Spring 2012 shades (from left to right): N0113 Iridescent Burgundy, No114 Sparkling Fuchsia, No115 Shimmering Coral and No116 Milky Pink.

My choice of the YSL Rouge Volupté Perle Spring 2012 collection would be Shimmering Coral and Milky Pink. All the shades would complement any skin type for different occasions. Let me know how you which shades you would use for what occasion!

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YSL Volupté Sheer Candy, gloss lipstick Spring 2012 collection new shades (from left to right): N°7 Figue Gourmande (dramatic red), N°8 Prune Frappée (moody purple), N°9 Goyave Sorbet (pink guava) and N°10 Mandarine Acidulée (mandarin orange).

I love the scent of the Volupté Sheer Candy gloss lipstick and would go for the moody purple for my emo days and pink guava for everyday use. 

YSL signature Golden Gloss with sparkling 18K gold flakes inside, the glossiest liquid gloss I have ever purchased in new Spring 2012 collection colours of (left: No40 Golden Violet and No50 Golden Peach)

Golden peach would be my definite choice from the new YSL Spring 2012 collection.

YSL Manucure Couture Duo with "Manicure spelt incorrectly? If not, pardon my French. The new YSL Spring 2012 shades include (top: no. 7 brown and melon bottom: no.8 orange sorbet and milky pink) 

I am not a big fan of nail polish as I deem these harmful to my already brittle nails. However, the orange sorbet and melon colour have caught my attention. I will not be getting the nail polish as annoyingly, the shades I want are from different sets and that would mean I would have to get both!

Tell me what you think about the YSL Spring 2012 make-up collection and which shades you would get.

YSL make-up images source: YSL Beauty USA, Makeup4all


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