Monday, February 20, 2012

Lanvin Bohemian Resort 2012 ft. Daphne Groeneveld

Lanvin Resort 2012 collection's ad campaign featuring upcoming Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld captures the buck-tooth girl in sexy an inner-thigh skimming Grecian-robe style inspired wrap dress. Small shoulder chain bags in exotic reptile prints are all the rage this Spring Summer and last Fall Winter season.

Daphne Groeneveld having fun in a simple cream silk blouse staple, tons of layered accessories and a mini tasselled chain shoulder bag.

Croatian model Kristina Salinovic in a shiny maxi dress for Lanvin Resort 2012 collection.

Kristina Salinovic wearing ropey sandals paired with a blouse tucked in a high-waisted shiny harem pants and loads of giant chunky accessories.

Daphne Groeneveld pulls off a fantastic ruffle blouse and ruffle skirt combo with a pair of carefree skinny strapped flat sandals - perfect for after-work lulling about.

Daphne Groeneveld brings back the old season classic - Military wear in Lanvin's Resort 2012 ad campaign with a work-worthy tweed blazer, khaki jeans, tan belt, white blouse and skinny strapped sandal heels.

It's neutrals at it's best on Daphne Groeneveld in stunning shades of gold, brown, grey and beige in this overflowing lurex-silk maxi dress piece with matching gold mini chain shoulder bag and gold sequinned cardigan. 

Who said the colour gold was for oldies?

Image source and to view complete Lanvin pre-spring Resort 2012 collection, visit Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, February 13, 2012

54th Grammy Awards: Money Can't Buy Class (or Style)

Just when I thought posts were going to be slow this week due to the deplorable New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012-2013 runway collection to date, I stumbled upon the 54th annual Grammy Award pictures from Yahoo! News and my eyes lit up instantly. "Money really can't buy class or style!" I thought. Look at these Hollywood celebrities - they look atrocious!

Giuliana Rancic looks rancid in permanent orange tanner over a skeletal frame. Giuliana and Gwyneth Paltrow look like bobble-head aliens with huge bulging eyes popping out of their skulls with scary scarecrow thin unbalanced bodies.

Girlfriend of Maroon 5 singer, songwriter and guitarist Adam Levine, model Anne V sports a dress split so high up her thigh, one may wonder if models may one day be too comfortable with walking around town naked. Talk about occupational hazard!

Katy Perry wears a dress that only granny would love an a giant blue mussel on head. Kelly Osbourne can't wait to grow old with you in her violet gray wig. 

Cyndi Lauper kind of looks like Kelly Osbourne with a matching bleached face colour and hair sans eyebrows. Fergie channels the feminine side of He-man in a bright orange lace gown with peek-a-boo black lingerie - Dolce&Gabbana-esque, however, more suitable for a less woman with a less muscular physique.

Some Russian electronic DJ tries desperately to gather attention with a home-made cosplay prop, hoping she might attain Lady Gaga status overnight.

What's disturbing about Niki Minaj isn't so much about her Versace Little Red Riding Hood outfit but her bleached white hair, eyebrows and determination to change her race.

Adele looks like a 60-year-old scary, hunched granny who is all too happy for no reason. Who says being big means cover it all up in a frumpy floor-length shower curtain?

The teenage years are so over for Robyn who tries to wear tacky Swedish clogs (although she is Swedish), an oversized boy's cotton T-shirt under an ill-fitting home-made white polyester flap skirt that makes her look fat (even when she isn't!).

Singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee tries to dress up like her favourite Anime character but she failed to attend the correct cosplay event.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Karlie Kloss and Eddie Redmayne in Temptation Island

Karlie Kloss looks refreshingly beautiful in brunette with messy, long, clipped bangs in a Vogue US December 2011 fashion editorial shot by Mario Testino.

Karlie Kloss stands beside actor Eddie Redmayne with the most enviable but dangerously tiny waistline.

Starched white collar shirts and striking tropical prints are a combination I agree on.

Karlie Kloss reveals her praying mantis-like stick thin legs in a bikini.

Never-ending long limbs in an endless floral-print suit and tan orange strappy heels.

Bending over to give a view has never been sexier although bending a bit further might risk Karlie Kloss looking like an ostrich trying to bury her skinny long neck in the ground.

Karlie Kloss looks almost childlike (mind you, she's only nineteen!) in this pose except for the horrible granny turtle-neck knit and Italian tablecloth-worthy print cropped cover she's wearing.

Karlie Kloss makes anything look amazing as a supermodel. Even your dad's old yakuza outfit with tacky Hawaiian prints.

Runaway with me. It's all too familiar with sun-bleached stone beach houses in the background, hot young lady hand-in-hand with an older man worthy of being her dad or grand daddy.

View the full set of Vogue fashion editorial images at only the best Fashion inspiration site - Fashion Gone Rogue.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Emilio Pucci's Vampire Hunter Sex Appeal

Piercing black-lined eyes, chunky chokers with a cross pendant, lots of sexy lace, silk and smart blazers in primary vampire colours - red and black, made me think of dark Gothic times, Romania and popular Japanese anime series - Vampire Hunter D.

Emilio Pucci's Spring Summer 2012 collection had models look like the walking dead with giant maxi skirts that resembled a flamenco dancer's.

Vampire brides ready to be sacrificed, all dressed in virginal white and elegant see-through lace dresses and tops.

Dark is the night where not even the moon will rise when these Emilio Pucci babes walk the streets in sharply tailored blazers, smoky eye-shadow, skull tops and oozing vampire seduction in plunging necklines, revealing neck, collarbones and leaving little to one's imagination in Emilio Pucci's Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Away from traditional multicoloured, boring geometric prints that once belonged to the signature Pucci look, Oslo-born Norwegian designer at Emilio Pucci, Peter Dundas, used plenty of lace, beading, crochet and embroidery to reveal the sexiness of vamps with bare midriffs and peek-a-boo négligée-like dresses.

Peter Dundas was appointed the artistic director at Emilio Pucci since 2008 and was lauded for introducing a more sinister, younger and more sophisticated edge into the brand.

Peter Dundas has worked for Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli and Emanuel Ungaro.

Background image credit: Confessionsofbricknmortar, The Post-Apocalyptic World of Vampire Hunter D and Get my Popcorn now, Vampire Hunter D - Blood Lust

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ginta Lapina for Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2012 Cosmetics Campaign

Babydoll pink hues and soft peach rule the Spring Summer 2012 make-up collection for Jill Stuart. 

Ginta Lapina fans can also check out her Fall Winter 2011 campaign for Jill Stuart make-up at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

i-D Magazine Racist 'Year of the Dragon' Take on Chinese New Year

Squinty eyes - check, evil doll face - check, bad hairstyle - check, granny's oufit - check. 

What were the i-D magazine editorial team thinking when they decided on a Chinese New Year themed issue when everything was badly styled, the Chinese culture was portrayed twisted and the magazine launch date was a cool 9 Feb when Chinese New Year for 2012 fell on January 23.

Chinese model Meng Lu looks absurd with blue eyebrows and yellow eyeshadow. I absolutely hate the deliberate red dot of cheek blusher and red lipstick applied only to the center of the lips to achieve an awkward China doll face.

This model was instructed to look down and have her eyes look smaller than they actually are - perpetuating the stereotype of Chinese squinty eyes. The pink pom-poms look like they belong to the powder puff department or accessories on a lion dance puppet.

The i-D magazine "The Year of the Dragon" issue covers were absolutely appalling, one after another succeeded in portraying Chinese women as backwards, tribal, cavewoman, prehistoric, rural, squinty eye aliens.


Image source: i-D Online "The Year of the Dragon" 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Amanda Seyfried Glamour March 2012 Cover

Amanda Seyfried is featured on the new revamped cover of Glamour fashion magazine (US edition) in what looks like a shredded granny's tablecloth that happens to cost millions and is made by designer Pierre Balmain.

Amanda Seyfried looks hot as usual. However, the new revamped cover looked as if anyone witthout design skills could do it. I do like the change of sickening pink to bright yellow for the Glamour title though.

Amanda Seyfried strikes a fierce feline pose in a studded lime green versace tube dress looking all hot and amazing with her new goldilocks hair colour and bright red lipstick.

Painting nails has never been so fun as our lovely young starlet Amanda Seyfried demonstrates this on a bar-top counter in a hot pink dress full of cleavage and a pair of towering Christian Louboutins as seen on Lindsay Lohan.

The way to go forward if you're dressed in dull and boring - your mother's high waisted denim shorts and a boring pink camisole is to glam up your make-up and hair style.

Amanda Seyfried looks ever so sexy and innocent at the same time in a bright orange swimsuit and seductive pose.

Would you be purchasing the new Glamour March 2012 issue?

Image source: Huffington Post: 
Glamour March 2012 Cover Features Amanda Seyfried & A Whole New Look, I'm not obsessed. Gossip.. without the Guilt: