54th Grammy Awards: Money Can't Buy Class (or Style)

Just when I thought posts were going to be slow this week due to the deplorable New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012-2013 runway collection to date, I stumbled upon the 54th annual Grammy Award pictures from Yahoo! News and my eyes lit up instantly. "Money really can't buy class or style!" I thought. Look at these Hollywood celebrities - they look atrocious!

Giuliana Rancic looks rancid in permanent orange tanner over a skeletal frame. Giuliana and Gwyneth Paltrow look like bobble-head aliens with huge bulging eyes popping out of their skulls with scary scarecrow thin unbalanced bodies.

Girlfriend of Maroon 5 singer, songwriter and guitarist Adam Levine, model Anne V sports a dress split so high up her thigh, one may wonder if models may one day be too comfortable with walking around town naked. Talk about occupational hazard!

Katy Perry wears a dress that only granny would love an a giant blue mussel on head. Kelly Osbourne can't wait to grow old with you in her violet gray wig. 

Cyndi Lauper kind of looks like Kelly Osbourne with a matching bleached face colour and hair sans eyebrows. Fergie channels the feminine side of He-man in a bright orange lace gown with peek-a-boo black lingerie - Dolce&Gabbana-esque, however, more suitable for a less woman with a less muscular physique.

Some Russian electronic DJ tries desperately to gather attention with a home-made cosplay prop, hoping she might attain Lady Gaga status overnight.

What's disturbing about Niki Minaj isn't so much about her Versace Little Red Riding Hood outfit but her bleached white hair, eyebrows and determination to change her race.

Adele looks like a 60-year-old scary, hunched granny who is all too happy for no reason. Who says being big means cover it all up in a frumpy floor-length shower curtain?

The teenage years are so over for Robyn who tries to wear tacky Swedish clogs (although she is Swedish), an oversized boy's cotton T-shirt under an ill-fitting home-made white polyester flap skirt that makes her look fat (even when she isn't!).

Singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee tries to dress up like her favourite Anime character but she failed to attend the correct cosplay event.


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