Friday, March 23, 2012

Style Secret: ASH Butch Over-the-Knee Boots in Stone and Shedron

My latest splurge is on this ultra irresistible pair of ASH Footwear Butch over-the-knee boots in a stone grey colour. ASH Footwear is an Italian brand founded by Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier in 2000. The French-Italian duo who are famous for their western-style boots such as the studded biker boot - TRASH combines quality and style to their leather footwear collection that is suitable for any age.

It was difficult to get my paws on this pair of scrumptious boots which were a bit on the pricey side too. 

I had pondered and deliberated for months before deciding to bite the bullet finally and purchase this stunning pair of ASH Butch boots. 

Two main factors hounded me persistently, day and night to purchase these babies - 1) Over-the-knee boots 2) It's in a cool stone washed grey, what else can I say? 3) Leather fringes! How cool is that? 4) It's not got a millionty-million inches high heel 5) ASH Footwear boots are high quality just as reliable as any other "Made in Italy" brand. 

Prior to this purchase, I have another pair of ASH boots which I'm very satisfied with.

The actual colour of the ASH over-the-knee boots is a tad bit darker than the photographed image. 

What do you think of these boots?

Image source: ASH Footwear USA

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Variety is the Spice of Life: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Pictured here is the adorable, baby-faced Australian top model, Abbey Lee Kershaw, posing with her Fendi leopard print Peek-A-Boo satchel, a fluffy green feather jacket, a finger full of oversized stone rings and a cool nude colour maxi dress.

I think her new peroxide blonde hair colour suits her although that means Abbey Lee Kershaw cannot be seen without make-up as her pale skin and pale hair colour would accentuate her skeletal and gaunt facial features - making her look like a ghostly figure all washed out of colour.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wild Wild Things Do The Angelina Jolie

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It's all about rebellion this Fall Winter 2012 - against the bad economy which can only go worst as doomed by most naysayers.

The Frankie Morello girl or women will take a stand against anything that comes their way. If she doesn't like it, the Frankie Morello women will rock'n'roll and rebel against it.

In contrast to dull gray, browns and blacks, Frankie Morello's take on this Fall Winter 2012-2013's collection in Milan was nothing short of eye-popping colours such as neon orange and neon pink.

Studded collars, studded shoulder bags, shoulder bags with incredibly long tailing leather fringes, oversized beanies, tartan blazers with studded collars, bubble studded skirts, lace, cropped biker jackets with stitching detail, chain-embellished treated shiny leather coats and lace-up booties reminiscence of Dsquared's ice-skating killer-heel booties ruled the Frankie Morello runway.

I just love the leather knee guard which add an extra playful and teenage rebel touch to the outrageously sexy punk look Frankie Morello has well pulled off for his Fall Winter 2012 collection. 

The Milan Fashion Week display was nothing too over-the-top - just sexy, skin-tight fashion paired with oversized jackets or coats to tone down the otherwise too hot to handle Frankie Morello woman.

Nevertheless, noteworthy trends-to-stay in the Frankie Morello fashion collection are crazy short hemlines, underwear as bottomwear and T-shirts as dresses.

After all the scuffle and debate over Angelina Jolie's right leg at the Oscar 2012 awards, Frankie Morello has cleverly added some thigh-high skimming evening dresses to his Fall Winter collection, glamming it up with chains, studs and even a Scottish Highland dress accessory - A Sporran! (of sorts)

The huge square studs on Frankie Morello's Fall Winter collection leather jackets and skirts reminded me of Givenchy's large studded sleeve jacket that Mary Kate Olsen wore with mis-matched sun-shades, except the fact that the Frankie Morello version of the studded leather biker jacket was 1000x cooler

Besides, Frankie Morello's large studded skirts has this year's most talked about celebrity boo-hoo fashion statement attached to it. Angelina Jolie with her luscious limbs would have probably worn something as rebellious in her younger days without batting an eyelid.