Style Secret: ASH Butch Over-the-Knee Boots in Stone and Shedron

My latest splurge is on this ultra irresistible pair of ASH Footwear Butch over-the-knee boots in a stone grey colour. ASH Footwear is an Italian brand founded by Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier in 2000. The French-Italian duo who are famous for their western-style boots such as the studded biker boot - TRASH combines quality and style to their leather footwear collection that is suitable for any age.

It was difficult to get my paws on this pair of scrumptious boots which were a bit on the pricey side too. 

I had pondered and deliberated for months before deciding to bite the bullet finally and purchase this stunning pair of ASH Butch boots. 

Two main factors hounded me persistently, day and night to purchase these babies - 1) Over-the-knee boots 2) It's in a cool stone washed grey, what else can I say? 3) Leather fringes! How cool is that? 4) It's not got a millionty-million inches high heel 5) ASH Footwear boots are high quality just as reliable as any other "Made in Italy" brand. 

Prior to this purchase, I have another pair of ASH boots which I'm very satisfied with.

The actual colour of the ASH over-the-knee boots is a tad bit darker than the photographed image. 

What do you think of these boots?

Image source: ASH Footwear USA


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