Mila Kunis Diets Not; Glamour UK July

My favourite doe-eyed actress - Ukrainian beauty Mila Kunis looks stunning in simple make-up and casual floral crochet tank top and mini shorts outfit. 

Mila Kunis is pictured licking an ice-cream in the hot summer issue of Glamour UK in July. She talks about how she had to lose a tremendous amount of weight by dieting till she hit 98 pounds or 44.5 kilograms. At present, Mila Kunis is still trim at 123 pounds or 55.7 kilograms.

The 28-year old actress got her big day after starring in a lead row in the Oscar award winning movie Black Swan. In an interview with NY Daily News, Mila Kunis claimed that she has never dated before and would have attempted online dating if it weren't because of her celebrity status.


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