Burberry Prorsum Autumn Winter 2012: Hillbillies and the Country Life

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The Fall Winter 2013 Collection at Burberry Prorsum's runway show was filled with sleeping bag tiered puffer jackets, unflattering bulky lampshade velvet peplum skirts, cheap preppy T-shirts tucked into skirts for that scruffy teenager look, granny floral prints and utility jackets fit for a Candian moose hunting trip in the highlands.

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As the Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter models sashayed down the runway in sombre colours of mustard, teal, mould, autumn brown and burgundy most befitting for a funeral, I wondered what would happen if a person wearing apparels from the Burberry collection were to fall into a ditch, sprain an ankle or pass out in the cold, how well would he or she blend in to the pile of rotting autumn leaves never to be found again.

I could not believe Christopher Bailey had designed odd plain tees with scraggly squiggles that somewhat resemble drawings of owls, birds and other strange creatures that one would usually find for 10 pounds at at thrift store or ASOS - online retailer for the masses for the luxury label's collection.

It was English Goodness Went Wrong when the Burberry Prorsum menswear on the runway resembled Mr Bean's outfit with heavy velvet that would probably look better when stitched on Mr Bean's teddy bear.

Lastly, the Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter accessories did not salvage the show with horrible dome shaped, flat, out-of-shape pancakes that were quilted or made out of suede that made it look so cheap, you could imagine the musty, old lady smell coming of it through your computer screen. To save the failed design pieces, Mr Bailey tried to put heavy metal fox, owl and duck head pieces on the sides, front of handbags and even on the umbrella handle.

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Not even hot and young British model Cara Delevingne, 19, could make the clothes or accessories look like anyone but people with too much money to burn, would want to buy them.

View the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2012 show below:

Image sources: Torbwine: Three Hillbillies, Visiting Missouri: A Dutchman's view on the Real America - Hooray For Stereotypes!


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