Lanvin Spring Summer Alien Encounter at Paris Fashion Week

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The choice of models can sometimes be crucial to the very point that it distinguishes your collection from an Alien inspired movie - Prometheus or the done to death feminine empowerment equals to women masquerading as men in shapeless, bulky man-made outfits.

Lanvin's Spring Summer 2013 runway collection at Paris Fashion week that just ended is no exception to this rule. Supermodels exalted for their masculine and androgynous looks such as American model Kristen Mcmenamy, perennial blond Norwegian beauty Iselin Steiro and upcoming newcomer Canadian Meghan Collison were used in Alber Elbaz's Spring Summer collection to bring back the point of freedom and empowering women.

He took classics such as tuxedos, shift dresses and glamorous sequinned evening gowns and made them all boxy, bold shouldered and completely shapeless so even the well endowned would be able to put the Lanvin apparels on and look skinny.

However, he made stick thin insect models look bulky and disproportionate in some of his pieces which looked like it was a gaudy polyester Made-in-China ensemble that was fished out from an ill-fitting every size is not the same H&M or house brand dresses and apparels collection.

For most of the non 5 foot 11 women who are out there, even a pair of ridiculous tottering 5 inch and above monster heels would not rescue one who wears this Lanvin Spring Summer collection to escape from being totally devoured by the boxy outfit.

Image credits: Total Film: The Modern Guide to Movies - New Prometheus Image Shows Previously Unseen Alien


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