Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Florentine Summer - Cavalli's New Renaissance

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Roberto Cavalli and his Wife and Designer Partner Eva Cavalli Takes Inspiration From Florence - Old Italy, with Beautiful Mediterranean Floral Prints and Renaissance Motifs on All White Outfits - Dresses, Shorts and Pants for their younger label - Just Cavalli's Spring Summer 2013 ready-to-wear runway fashion collection.

Signature leopard prints as seen on established Italian Fashion Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine and parent label Roberto Cavalli were mixed into the Florentine designs in the Just Cavalli Spring Summer runway collection, adding a touch of raw Italian glamour to each of the fine Italian silk pieces.

In the second half of the runway show, the clean blue based Florentine apparels gave way to iridescent sequin jumpers, dresses then an explosion of space colours and ink shapes and designs of basic black kaftans and silk dresses with sexy necklines.

The Just Cavalli runway show ended with loud mixed-media, tie-dyed prints in bright Spring colours of green, yellow and blue as seen on Cara Delevingne (Bottom, extreme left).

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prada Says Sayonara To Asia

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Prada Takes Inspiration from The Japanese And Uses It The Wrong Way in the Prada Spring Summer 2013 Runway Fashion Show. Models Sported Bad Hairstyles That resemble A Bald Eagle's Nest And Plenty of Black Funeral Outfits - Suits, Dresses, Stoles and Skirts With Simple Stalks of Flowers That Seem Spray Painted On With A Stencil. The Prada Runway models also wore traditional Japanese Tabi socks which separates the big toe from the index toe, paired with Geta Clog Inspired Single-Strap Sandals.

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The Models Looked Aboslutely Wacky in Plastic Sunglasses Emblazoned with Tiny Plastic Flowers and some even had gold and silver metallic foil coloured socks that contrasted against their Japanese footwear - A Complete Fashion Disaster.

Miuccia Prada had no idea that the Pure Black And White Outfits She Designed in her signature Minimalistic Style Would Make Perfect Funeral Outfits for Asian People Mourning The Dead or Perfect Sense for a Vast Majority of Sensible Asian Folks to Avoid Prada's Spring Summer Runway Collection Altogether.

To top it up, the austere make-up on the models did not help make the collection any less than of a traditional Japanese funeral. One of the models even wore a black dress with a rectangular white patch just below the collar which resembled a talisman.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fashion Debate: Fake or Real? Charles Albert or Givenchy?

I personally own the Charles Albert Oversized Megalodon Shark Tooth Pendant For Many Good Reasons. One, Charles Albert makes really good quality jewellery at reasonable prices. Secondly, the Megalodon Shark Tooth as the name describes is from a real Shark that has been extinct for millions of years. The slightly cracked natural tooth fossil appealed to me from the very start as a rugged piece of statement jewellery that would add sophistication and mystery to the wearer.

The Givenchy Shark Tooth pendant which Supermodel Erin Wasson is wearing in the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 runway fashion show is no doubt a statement piece just by the looks of its sheer size. However, the shark tooth looks and is fake and is made of cheap-looking man-made material. For the hefty price of $700-$1,000 USD, let's just say I would not be purchasing it any time soon.
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Watch the full Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 runway show and take in the breathless beauty of pastel pink tailored blouses, suits, pants and dresses paired with massive silver shark tooth pendant necklaces.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back to Her Roman Roots for Donatella Versace's Spring Summer 2013 Runway Show

Donatella Versace Brings Back the Gladiator trend in the form of sexy cut-out high heel boots and tiny mini skirts, shorts and dresses with peek-a-boo shoestring lace-up detail on corners of skirts or strategically on different areas of the dress just to reveal a bit of hipbone, chest or leg a la Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars earlier this year.

The Patent leather trench jacket on Bette Franke with a sexy lace-hem in the shape of nude floral and fauna left little to one's imagination. Tailored black loose-fit blazers paired with sexy shorts are back in trend again at the Versace Spring Summer 2013 runway show.

The object of obsession besides many others at the Versace Spring Summer 2013 fashion show would be Mini sling or crossover bags with all-over studded straps.

The use of fine metal embellishments to decorate dresses that looked like fine works of Art and on cascading fine silver and gold strands of a waterfall necklaces accentuated the light pastel coloured tie-dyed silk dresses.

Jessica Biel wore the navy blue floor length evening dress at the premiere of her movie - "Playing for Keeps" held at AMC Loews Lincoln Square just recently. (pictured on the top left-hand corner)

Russian supermodel with an eternal tan Anna Selezneva opened the Versace Spring Summer 2013 runway show and rocked two dresses including the tie-dyed sky blue halter maxi dress with gold studded nude leather detailing.

American model Martha Hunt wore a plunging silk cream mini dress with all-over studded harness belts paired with glittery gold fringed strappy high heel sandal boots.

The Spring Summer 2013 Versace collection featured many colourful tie dyed mini dresses in pink peach, sky blue and fiery orange with the Versace house logo emblazoned in the corner of the dress shoulder. For the first time, the Versace logo looked more like an Artistic add-on that belonged to a part of the outfit instead of an intentional logo placement that looked gaudy and too much of a sell-out.

Runway favourites Daria Strokous and Kati Nescher (pictured bottom left) wore dresses with lovely gold and silver fabric fringes. The belts and embellished straps that crossed over from one shoulder to the waist was very much inspired by the ancient Roman dressing.

Donatella's inspiration from her Roman roots and her acumen for sexy and stylish fashion design has proven to be a huge success for the Versace Spring Summer 2013 runway collection.

View the full Versace runway show here:

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Versace Versus The Clowns

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Plastic Coloured Chains seemed to be the focal point in Donatella Versace's Spring Summer 2013 collection for Versace's sister label Versus. 

Models dressed in clashing floral and polka dot prints, multicolour cheap-looking plastic chain chokers and belts and for some instances an entire top made out of multicolour plastic chains, pyjama suits that resembled a bad Marni rip-off in the prints department, brightly coloured harlequin diamond shaped prints in sweater material, dresses made out of the Twister game mat... All this made me reminisce about my childhood days when my aunt bought me a scary clown (pictured exactly in the background of Versus-Versace Spring Summer runway show fashion collage).

It terrorised me and brings back bad memories. I hope the Versus by Versace runway collection will not do the same to you.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kate Bosworth For Topshop: Christmas 2012 Campaign

Hollywood Actress And Style Icon Kate Bosworth, who is known for her role in movies such as Superman Returns, Blue Crush and most recently Straw Dogs which she starred alongside with her then boyfriend - Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgard, stars in the a mini-film for Topshop 's latest Christmas campaign directed by her fiancĂ©Michael Polish. Kate, who is more known for her beauty and acting skills and less known for her ability to sing, sings or more likely whispers and "speaks out" the lyrics in "Winter Wonderland". 

Kate Bosworth wears a red sequin dress which she has designed specially for the Christmas campaign in her collaboration with Topshop. If you are interested in purchasing the dress that Kate Bosworth wore in the mini-film, it would be made available to order on when they open their first store in Los Angeles in February next year. The red lipstick on Kate Bosworth is available for order immediately through Topshop's online store now.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

80s Revival Flashback at Frankie Morello

80s revival comes in the form of Flash Gordon - Sci-Fi comic book superhero inspired outfits in Frankie Morello's latest Spring Summer 2013 runway fashion show in Milan.

Frankie Morello's Spring Summer runway collection featured lighting streak designs on each apparel and accessory modelled - Across dresses, shorts and iPhone neck accessories in bright contrasting colours of blue, orange and purple. Flashy sequins, shiny silk, satin and jacquard dresses, brightly coloured leather shorts with contrast lighting cut-outs were the highlight of the runway show.

The models strutted down the runway in sexy, statement pieces including one-piece jumpsuits, leather boxing shorts, elastic leather waistbands that resembled a boxing champ's and large, round earrings with lightning shapes and strappy metallic heels. Overall, the Frankie Morello runway pieces gave me an impression of an empowered, strong woman who does not give two hoots about what others think about her dressing.

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The Italian designer duo Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti founded the label in 1999 and have since then adhered to their brand philosophy of of embracing imperfection in all their pieces as an artistic detail that can be worn or deconstructed.

Background image sources: "Flash Gordon is Flashing Forward", "Flash Gordon Wallpaper"