80s Revival Flashback at Frankie Morello

80s revival comes in the form of Flash Gordon - Sci-Fi comic book superhero inspired outfits in Frankie Morello's latest Spring Summer 2013 runway fashion show in Milan.

Frankie Morello's Spring Summer runway collection featured lighting streak designs on each apparel and accessory modelled - Across dresses, shorts and iPhone neck accessories in bright contrasting colours of blue, orange and purple. Flashy sequins, shiny silk, satin and jacquard dresses, brightly coloured leather shorts with contrast lighting cut-outs were the highlight of the runway show.

The models strutted down the runway in sexy, statement pieces including one-piece jumpsuits, leather boxing shorts, elastic leather waistbands that resembled a boxing champ's and large, round earrings with lightning shapes and strappy metallic heels. Overall, the Frankie Morello runway pieces gave me an impression of an empowered, strong woman who does not give two hoots about what others think about her dressing.

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The Italian designer duo Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti founded the label in 1999 and have since then adhered to their brand philosophy of of embracing imperfection in all their pieces as an artistic detail that can be worn or deconstructed.

Background image sources: Collider.com "Flash Gordon is Flashing Forward", Fanpop.com "Flash Gordon Wallpaper"


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