Back to Her Roman Roots for Donatella Versace's Spring Summer 2013 Runway Show

Donatella Versace Brings Back the Gladiator trend in the form of sexy cut-out high heel boots and tiny mini skirts, shorts and dresses with peek-a-boo shoestring lace-up detail on corners of skirts or strategically on different areas of the dress just to reveal a bit of hipbone, chest or leg a la Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars earlier this year.

The Patent leather trench jacket on Bette Franke with a sexy lace-hem in the shape of nude floral and fauna left little to one's imagination. Tailored black loose-fit blazers paired with sexy shorts are back in trend again at the Versace Spring Summer 2013 runway show.

The object of obsession besides many others at the Versace Spring Summer 2013 fashion show would be Mini sling or crossover bags with all-over studded straps.

The use of fine metal embellishments to decorate dresses that looked like fine works of Art and on cascading fine silver and gold strands of a waterfall necklaces accentuated the light pastel coloured tie-dyed silk dresses.

Jessica Biel wore the navy blue floor length evening dress at the premiere of her movie - "Playing for Keeps" held at AMC Loews Lincoln Square just recently. (pictured on the top left-hand corner)

Russian supermodel with an eternal tan Anna Selezneva opened the Versace Spring Summer 2013 runway show and rocked two dresses including the tie-dyed sky blue halter maxi dress with gold studded nude leather detailing.

American model Martha Hunt wore a plunging silk cream mini dress with all-over studded harness belts paired with glittery gold fringed strappy high heel sandal boots.

The Spring Summer 2013 Versace collection featured many colourful tie dyed mini dresses in pink peach, sky blue and fiery orange with the Versace house logo emblazoned in the corner of the dress shoulder. For the first time, the Versace logo looked more like an Artistic add-on that belonged to a part of the outfit instead of an intentional logo placement that looked gaudy and too much of a sell-out.

Runway favourites Daria Strokous and Kati Nescher (pictured bottom left) wore dresses with lovely gold and silver fabric fringes. The belts and embellished straps that crossed over from one shoulder to the waist was very much inspired by the ancient Roman dressing.

Donatella's inspiration from her Roman roots and her acumen for sexy and stylish fashion design has proven to be a huge success for the Versace Spring Summer 2013 runway collection.

View the full Versace runway show here:

Background picture credit: Wallpaper Pimper: Pink Glitter Background


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